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Watch: 5 of the best career ending WWE matches of all time!

No Mercy this Sunday is a make or break moment of Dolph Ziggler’s career.

Having been on quite a losing streak, if he loses this match then his career with WWE is over. On the other hand, if he wins, he is the new Intercontinental Champion.

Here are 5 of the times when other WWE wrestlers had their best matches when their career was on the line:


5. Trish vs Lita – Trish's retirement match

This was one of the most emotional matches, as everyone knew that Trish would be retiring after the match,.As the match was for the WWE Women’s Championship, everyone expected Trish to lose the match to Lita dropping the Championship.


No one had ever walked away while holding the championship belt before. So when Trish locked in the Sharpshooter, for Lita to tap out, the crowd went crazy, and Trish left WWE as a 7 time Women’s Champion (a record). 

There has never been a WWE Women’s Champion as well-known as Trish Stratus was.


4. Randy Macho Man Savage vs the Ultimate Warrior

The Ultimate warrior finally pinned Macho man, in a match where the stipulation was that he would be forced to retire.


 his valet Sherri turned on Savage, and this led, his longtime love Miss Elizabeth rush into the ring to throw away Sherri, and embrace Savage as the fans cried tears of joy.


3. Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair

Everyone saw this coming for a long time, and the last WWE match of Ric Flair’s career couldn’t have been a better match. With his protégé, Shawn Michaels who turned out to be the one to end his career.


A teary eyed Michaels said, “I am sorry. I love you.”, this was one moment that made fans all over the world burst into tears, as he ended the Nature Boy’s prolific career with a superkick, and then hugging him while sobbing.


2. Cactus Jack vs Triple H

Cactus Jack ended his career ironically enough in the structure that made him famous, Hell in a Cell. Triple H back body dropped him through the roof of the structure and pedigreed him, to pin him.


As he walked out by himself the crowd gave him an ovation and JR shouted, “You are going to be missed Cactus! God speed Mick Foley.”, in one of the most tearful WWE moments.


1. Shawn Michaels vs the Undertaker

This is by far one of the best matches of all time, as well as the best Wrestlemania match ever. With Michaels giving up everything he had for one last shot at the Undertaker’s streak, tearful, shocked gasps could be heard from the crowd as the Undertaker pinned the Heart Break Kid, for one last time.


Shawn Michael ended his careers in what could be the best match in WWE history, even Undertaker paid a tribute to him. To this day, his name is chanted by the fans.


With all this precedence, it is now to be seen what happens to Dolph Ziggler’s career, in what could be his last match.

Image credits – Dailymotion

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