WWE Monday Night Raw – Ratings and Top Highlights

WWE’s Raw show started with Kurt Angle coming out to greet the crowd. The stage had ladders in it, which meant that Money in the Bank season had come around.

He welcomed the crowd to the show and talked about how WWE was 52 weeks a year, and now Money in the Bank had rolled around already.

We will rate each match between 0 to 5 and provide highlights for each segment.


Kurt Angle Promo: 3

Kurt Angle announced that there would be two Money in the Bank matches, one for the men and the other for the women. He then went on to announce qualifying matches for the pay-per-view. Sami Zayn, Roman Reigns and Finn Balor would face each other in a Triple Threat Match, and Ruby Riott, Sasha Banks and Ember Moon in the other match.

He was interrupted by Strowman who came to talk about his destructive tendencies. The two were interrupted by Owens. Owens talked about how he deserved an opportunity and Angle agreed. Angle made a Money in the Bank qualifying match for him against Strowman.


Braun Strowman vs Kevin Owens [Money in the Bank Qualifying Match]: 3.75

Strowman and Owens faced each other in the first match of the night as both looked to gain an advantage and make their impact by qualifying for the Money in the Bank matchup.

Owens used his cunning to hit Strowman with the DDT on the outside. He continued his offence inside the ring, by hitting him with a Frog Splash for a near fall.


WWE Universe on Twitter

Will the #MITB briefcase GET THESE HANDS? #RAW @BraunStrowman


He almost hit the Popup Powerbomb but was unable to do so. On the outside of the ring, Strowman ran over Owens twice. He hit Owens with a Running Powerslam to pick up the win.


Baron Corbin and Revival vs No Way Jose and Titus Worldwide: 1.25

Corbin teamed up with the Revival to take on No Way Jose and Titus Worldwide. While Jose looked really good, he was no match for Corbin. Corbin took advantage of a distraction to defeat Jose with an End of Days.


Ruby Riott vs Sasha Banks vs Ember Moon: 3.5

The three women faced each other to qualify for the Women’s Money in the Bank Match. The Riott Squad was outside to provide distractions and they stopped Sasha from winning by breaking the pin.

Bayley came out to help her friend and took them both on. Sasha looked like she was about to take out Riott, but Moon took them both out with a Double Eclipse.


Jinder Maal vs Chad Gable: 3

Jinder Mahal and Gable faced each other in a fast-paced match. Gable had an impressive showing and hit Mahal with Suplexes and a big Moonsault.

The knee to the Gable followed by the Khallas allowed Jinder to pick up the win. After the match, Jinder attacked Gable and continued the beatdown.


WWE on Twitter

ARE YOU WATCHING, KURT?” @JinderMahal DEFINITELY got the #RAW GM’s attention with this post-match attack to @WWEGable. #RAW


Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler vs Heath Slater and Rhyno: 2

Ziggler and McIntyre continued to dominate in WWE with this match. They did not let Rhyno get in any action and hit Slater with a Claymore into a Zigzag to win the match.


Elias vs Bobby Roode: 1.5

Elias faced Bobby Roode for the third time. Elias had beaten Roode twice in the past, but this time around he was prepared.

The two men had a slow and boring match which was won by Roode with the Glorious DDT.


WWE on Twitter

@IAmEliasWWE hears the sound of silence as @REALBobbyRoode gets the victory with a GLORIOUS DDT! #RAW


Seth Rollins vs Mojo Rawley [Intercontinental Title Match]: 2.75

Mojo answered Rollins’ call for an open challenge. The two battled as Mojo looked to gain the Intercontinental Title.
Mojo hit Seth with a Spinebuster and Gutbuster, but Seth hit him with the Revolution Knee and the Curb Stomp for the win.


WWE on Twitter

@WWERollins STOMPS away the competition as he defeats @MojoRawleyWWE to RETAIN the #ICTitle! #MondayNightRollins #RAW https://t.co/f6E8P51nAv


Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel vs Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt: 1

The match was fast and over before anyone could believe it. Hardy and Wyatt picked up the win after hitting an Innovative Sister Abigail into the Twist of Fate.


Sami Zayn vs Roman Reigns vs Finn Balor: 3

Finn and Sami teamed up to take on Reigns. The fighting spilt outside and the two continued their beatdown of the Big Dog. Finn hit Roman with a Coup de Grace on the outside and eliminated him for the time being.

Finn and Sami had a good match in the ring, but Balor took out Zayn with a Slingblade. Roman came back and hit Finn but Finn sent him into the stairs.


Roman hit Sami with the Superman Punch and hit Finn with another one. He was taken out of the ring by Jinder.
Finn hit Sami with a Coup de Grace for the win.

The show was a slow and boring one, with hardly any storyline progression. The show got a rating of 23.75 out of a possible 50.

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