WWE Specials: Backlash – Ratings and Top Highlights

WWE’s Backlash pay-per-view was the first dual-branded pay-per-view, which was not one of the top four events. The show started with the Intercontinental Match.

We will rate each match between 0 to 5 and provide highlights for each segment.


Seth Rollins [c] vs The Miz [Intercontinental Championship Match]: 4.25

Seth Rollins retained his Championship in the spectacular match, which can easily be described as the match of the night. Rollins and Miz put on an excellent show for the benefit of the audience.

The agility and acrobatics at the beginning of the match saw Seth hit Miz with a Suicide Dive and then a Slingblade, before hitting the Miz with an amazing Frog Splash.

The Miz would take advantage of Seth missing him, and target his leg with a Figure Four Leg-Lock. When Seth was able to escape, it was not enough as the Miz followed up with a Skull-Crushing Finale. As if one was not enough, Seth was hit with two Skull-Crushing Finales one after the other.

Rollins hit the Miz with a Superplex, but the leg of Rollins gave him problems. He was able to reverse an attempt by the Miz to hit him with a Skull-Crushing Finale from the top rope. He hit him with the Curb Stomp to win the match.


Pro Wrestling Sheet on Twitter

rollins vs miz is absolute fireworks. perfect leadoff to this show, getting the crowd into it early. #WWEBacklash


Nia Jax [c] vs Alexa Bliss [WWE Raw Women’s Match]: 3

The second champion of the night to retain her Championship, Nia Jax had a difficult time in her match against Alexa Bliss. Bliss took control of the match from an early portion, with her using cheap shots and compressed her neck. She hit Nia with a DDT onto the Steel Steps.

Jax looked to hit Bliss with a Top Rope Samoan Drop but was unable to do it and Alexa reversed each time. In the end, it was Bliss going for the Twisted Bliss which was her undoing as she was caught in mid-air by Jax, who then hit her with the Samoan Drop for the win.


WWE on Twitter

TheGoddess @AlexaBliss_WWE is oozing confidence, but is it enough to become the NEW #RAW #WomensChampion? #WWEBacklash @NiaJaxWWE https://t.co/j7J0bm0nHs


Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy [c] [WWE United States Championship]: 3.25

A pattern developed as the night continued and Hardy was able to retain the title against Orton. Orton looked like he had Hardy’s number and looked to take advantage of a slow Hardy. The moment Hardy missed the Hardiac Arrest, it looked like it was done, but Orton’s RKO was reversed and Hardy hit the Twist of Fate followed by a perfect Swanton Bomb for the win.


WWE on Twitter

You can’t spell SWANTON without WON, and @JEFFHARDYBRAND did just that against @RandyOrton to retain the #USTitle at #WWEBacklash!


Elias Promo: 4

Elias came out to sing a song but was interrupted by the New Day. The New Day each came out with some form of musical items. The all started to play their own things before Elias told them to shut up and leave.

This time he was interrupted by Aiden English. Rusev came out to join Aiden but Elias told them to shut up. The next time he was interrupted by No Way Jose dancing, who was accompanied by Titus and Breezango among others.

The next time he was interrupted by Bobby Roode, who hit Elias with a DDT.


Daily DDT on Twitter

Elias truly has the crowd in the palm of his hands!


Daniel Bryan vs Big Cass: 2.75

Daniel Bryan was able to win his match against Big Cass, with a submission hold.

Bryan started off the match strong with the Yes Kicks. Cass soon gained momentum as he was able to take out Bryan with clotheslines. He missed the Big Boot, which allowed Bryan to take advantage and lock in the Yes Lock for the win.

After the match was over, Big Cass attacked Bryan and took him out with a blindsided assault.


Carmella [c] vs Charlotte Flair [WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship]: 1

The pattern of the night continued, as Carmella was able to defeat Charlotte to retain the title. Carmella began the match, trying to run away from Charlotte.

Charlotte seemed like she was at a disadvantage throughout, as Carmella dominated. Carmella finally got a chance and took it when Charlotte missed the Moonsault and pinned her by rolling her up.


Cageside Seats on Twitter

Carmella may not necessarily be the best worker but she does have this heel thing down. #WWEBacklash


AJ Styles [c] vs Shinsuke Nakamura [WWE Championship Match] [No Disqualification]: 3.75

The match ended in a double count-out.

The match started off well enough, with Shinsuke putting on a display. His Strong Style offence and arrogance looked amazing as the two went at it.

Things changed when a chair was introduced into the match, and Nakamura launched Styles onto it. Styles stopped a Kinshasa with the chair, but it hit him as well cutting open his knee.

Styles locked in the Calf Crusher which was reversed into the Triangle lock. The two continued, and Styles hit Shinsuke with a blow to the back of the neck followed by a Pelle Kick.

Nakamura hit AJ with a low blow, which was returned by AJ. The two got up and exchanged blows, before hitting each other with a Double Low Blow at the same time. Neither man was able to get up by the ten count.


WWE on Twitter

If one thing is for sure after #WWEBacklash, it’s clear that the rivalry between @WWE Champion @AJStylesOrg and @ShinsukeN is NOT over… https://t.co/OxiC0bhg8R


Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn: 2.5

The match was a quick and fun one. Braun and Bobby dominated and got the win.

Sami tried to leave halfway through the match, but Kevin refused. Sami pushed him into the ring, which resulted in Kevin getting taken out. The match was won by Lashley after a Jackhammer.

After the match, Strowman hit Owens with a Powerslam. They then caught Zayn as well and hit him with a Powerslam.


Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns: 2.5

The match was about a story of domination. From before the match even started Joe seemed to have control of the match as he was put through the table.

Joe grounded Roman and hit him with a Suicide Dive on the outside.

The match was offset by a dead crowd who left during the bout. Roman hit Samoa Joe with Superman punches, but Joe locked him in the Coquina Clutch. Roman countered and tried to go for a pinfall. This time Joe reversed and locked in the Coquina Clutch. Roman was able to get to the rope and he had to break the hold.

Joe tried to go for a muscle buster, but it was reversed. Roman hit Joe with a Spear for the win.


WWE Network on Twitter

TheBigDog @WWERomanReigns stands tall LIVE on @WWENetwork as we roll into the #WWEBacklash Post-Show!


The show was a disappointment as hardly anything changed. The Intercontinental Match stuck out. The show got a rating of 27 out of 45.

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