In Klopp We Must

Jurgen Klopp

Over the past several seasons, the Anfield faithful have seen their bubbling optimism being unceremoniously popped too often. The change of guard from Rafa to King Kenny then Rodgers and now Klopp has seen our emotions (and patience!) being pulled and stretched to its limits. All part and parcel, I suppose, of supporting a team that has been stuck in transition for way too long, But 2 years in, is this new guy any different? Can he put silver in our cabinets? In Klopp, should we really trust?

Jurgen Klopp

An era that began with the promise of Rock and Roll, went off-key at a crucial juncture last season. And with Pep’s Citizens having unlocked “Amateur mode” this time round, even the spectacle put on show by the frontmen has not been enough. And though, there is no doubt that, this team has evolved, what it needs now is a gene or two to irreversibly mutate! Liverpool fans are not fickle, but even the self-motivated need a pat-on-the-back sometimes.

Having said that, in Klopp, Liverpool is helmed by a man who has already tackled seasons of ebbs and flows with Die Schwarzgelben. Two league titles, one double and a Champions League final were capped off by the 14-15 season, sadly characterised by appalling defending, ominous flirtations with relegation and a resurrection of “The Night at Istanbul” mould. Even with that highly successful team, it was Klopp’s gumption to change things as late as February which managed to salvage something from a train-wreck. He clearly isn’t one to shirk away from decisions that need to be taken (Remember that kid from Brazil?)

Jurgen Klopp

Behind the cuddles and the chest thumps, there is a man who must permanently patch the leaky defence, find (or fund) ways to clear out parked buses, figure out the curious case of Loris Karius, while still getting his players to provide a performance mirroring Freddie Mercury at his prime. Not an easy task by any stretch, but certainly not out of his realm. Jurgen has already won over millions of fans, but he needs to ride this particularly tricky wave as well. The fans have always stood behind their Gaffer, no matter who it was.

Having almost secured consecutive appearances in the Champions League for the first time since 2009 this season, the Reds are transitioning into a team that is threatening to run havoc across England and Europe.

While Silverware is still in the foreground, are the Reds ready to go forward and grasp it? Should the Liverpool faithful trust Klopp?

If nothing else, now – more than ever – trust we must.

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