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WWE Raw Ratings and Highlights from New Year’s Day

The Kane features in the WWE Raw Ratings

WWE had their special broadcast of Raw on New Year’s Day, with Kurt Angle coming down to the ring to start the show. We do WWE Raw Ratings for this edition and rate each segment in a range between +5 to -5.

Kurt Angle Promo: +3

Kurt Angle started of Raw by wishing the crowd a Happy New Year. He then went on to talk about how 2017 meant a lot to him, as he became the Raw General Manager. Angle went on to announce that John Cena would be part of the Men’s Royal Rumble, and also said that the Women’s Royal Rumble would have 30 participants, and have the same rules as the Men’s Rumble.

Angle was interrupted by the former Raw Tag Team Champions, Sheamus and Cesaro, as they came out to accuse him of favouritism, and showed a video of Angle celebrating Jordan and Seth’s title win the previous week.

Jordan came out to stop Cesaro and Sheamus from talking about him and said that he was willing to take on any of them, at any point of time. He accepted a challenge to face Cesaro in a match, as Seth came out to tell Jordan to not be so self-concerned and to realise that he was now Seth’s partner. Seth also said that he would be in Jordan’s corner for the match, but he felt Jordan might lose.

Kurt Angle reveals the rules for the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match: Raw, Jan. 1, 2018

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle provides some clarity on the rules of the historic first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match. Get your first month of WWE Network for FREE: Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: Visit Must-See WWE videos on YouTube:

Jason Jordan vs Cesaro: +4

Jordan and Cesaro went at it in a good match, with both trying to outwrestle the other. Cesaro concentrated his offence on Jordan’s leg, as he concentrated on taking them out. Cesaro’s offence was focussed on the legs of Jordan as he put him in a Half Boston Crab. Jason fought back to some

Belly to Back suplexes, followed by a modified Perfect Plex for the near fall.
The match came to an end after Seth took out Sheamus on the outside for trying to interfere in the match, while Jordan hit Cesaro with a Belly to Back Neckbreaker for the win.

Jason Jordan vs. Cesaro: Raw, Jan. 1, 2018

With a disappointed Seth Rollins in his corner, Jason Jordan takes on The Swiss Cyborg, live on Raw. Get your first month of WWE Network for FREE: Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: Visit Must-See WWE videos on YouTube:

Bray Wyatt vs Apollo Crews: +2

Bray Wyatt faced Apollo Crews in the first match of his New Year. Titus Worldwide was next to the ring cheering on Apollo, but it seemed like it was of no use, as Wyatt dominated the match.

In the end, the cheering of Dana and Titus from outside was not enough. While Apollo did put up some offence, it was not near enough before he lost the match to Bray after a Sister Abigail’s Kiss.

Apollo Crews vs. Bray Wyatt: Raw, Jan. 1, 2018

After battling Titus Worldwide’s Apollo Crews, Bray Wyatt receives a bizarre message from “Woken” Matt Hardy. Get your first month of WWE Network for FREE: Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: Visit Must-See WWE videos on YouTube:

Asuka vs Alexa Bliss: +3

Alexa faced Asuka alone, with no one in her corner, after her friend Nia Jax abandoned her to take Chicken soup to Enzo. Alexa seemed genuinely scared and tried to stay out of Asuka’s way, by staying outside the ring.

Alexa was actually able to put a lock on Asuka, but instead got put in an Ankle lock by Asuka. Alexa hit Asuka with a backbreaker and beat down Asuka in the middle of the ring, and followed it up by the Body Scissors again. Asuka put Alexa in the Komodo lock, but Alexa continued her attack on the injured ribs of Asuka. She slapped Asuka, and that fired her up, as she came in for two dropkicks, followed by a Missile Dropkick. Asuka hit her with a Hip Attack and followed it with the kick to the temple. Alexa tried to roll Asuka up, but she countered with a Two Count pin of her own. Asuka locked in the Armbar, and that was all for the match, as Alexa tapped out.

With the victory, Asuka holds a win over the Champion, Alexa Bliss.

Asuka vs. Alexa Bliss: Raw, Jan. 1, 2018

Per Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss faces the undefeated Empress of Tomorrow in a WrestleMania-worthy clash. Get your first month of WWE Network for FREE: Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: Visit Must-See WWE videos on YouTube:

Rhyno vs Braun Strowman: +3

Rhyno continued his quest to toughen Heath Slater. Strowman threw Rhyno around for a while when Heath tried to distract him. Strowman called Slater into the ring, making the match a handicap match. Strowman threw both Rhyno and Slater around, before hitting Rhyno with a powerslam for the win.
After the match, Slater tried to save Rhyno but got hit by a running Powerslam for his troubles. Strowman hit Rhyno with another Powerslam, before hitting Heath with another. Strowman hit two more on them, before finally leaving the ring.

Backstage, Finn announced that Gallows and Anderson were his partners for the match against Elias and The Miztourage, making it a Bullet Club reunion.

Braun Strowman vs. Rhyno: Raw, Jan. 1, 2018

The Monster Among Men locks up with The Man Beast, live on Raw. Get your first month of WWE Network for FREE: Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: Visit Must-See WWE videos on YouTube:

Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe [Intercontinental Championship Match, if Roman is DQ’d he loses the Intercontinental Title]: +4

Roman and Samoa Joe faced each other with Roman still furious at Joe for having injured Dean Ambrose. Joe hit Roman with a suplex and had control of the match. Reigns came back into the match with a Suplex, but then missed a shoulder in the corner and Joe took control yet again. He kicked him while he was down, and put him in an Arm Lock.

Joe continued to beat down Reigns, as he said ‘All Day Long’, inflicting the pain on the Big Dog. He kept Roman in a lock, and unable to get any offence in the match.

Roman came back with clotheslines and hit Joe with a Drive By. Joe came back with punches and threw Joe out of the ring. Joe came flying out of the ring with a forearm to the face of Roman as both stars were just about able to get back in the ring.

Roman and Joe continued to exchange blows in the middle of the ring. Roman went for the Superman Punch, but Joe hit Roman in the chest. Joe tried to throw Roman into the steps, but Roman reversed it. Roman picked up the steps but did not use it on Joe, and Roman hit him with two Superman Punches for a near fall. He then went for the Spear but was reversed. Roman accidentally almost knocked down the referee. The two continued to brawl, but Joe locked in the Coquina Clutch. Roman reversed it into a Spear and retained the Championship after an amazing match.

Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe – Intercontinental Championship Match: Raw, Jan. 1, 2018

Roman Reigns defends his title against The Samoan Submission Specialist, and if The Big Dog is disqualified, he loses the Intercontinental Championship. Get your first month of WWE Network for FREE: Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: Visit Must-See WWE videos on YouTube:

Drew Gulak promo and match: +2

Drew Gulak announced that Enzo would be unable to defend his Championship against Cedric Alexander due to his illness.

Cedric came out demanding a match, and Gulak agreed but said that Daivari and he would team up to face Cedric and any partner. Goldust came down to the ring, to team up with Cedric as the two of them took on the two members of the Zo Train.

Goldust hit a few good punches, and all that Cedric needed to do to put them away was hit him with a Lumbar Check for the win.

Goldust & Cedric Alexander vs. Drew Gulak & Ariya Daivari: Raw, Jan. 1, 2018

With Enzo Amore out of action due to the flu, Cedric Alexander teams with Goldust against Zo Train members Drew Gulak & Ariya Daivari. Get your first month of WWE Network for FREE: Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: Visit Must-See WWE videos on YouTube:

Finn Balor, Gallows and Anderson vs Miztourage and Elias: +3

Bullet Club reunited to take on Elias and The Miztourage, with Miz scheduled to return the next week. Finn hit a few big shots before Gallows and Anderson hit the Magic Killer. Balor hit the Coup de Grace on Dallas for the win.

Finn Bálor, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. Elias & The Miztourage: Raw, Jan. 1, 2018

Finn Bálor re-forges his “Too Sweet” alliance with Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson against the musical malice of Elias, Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas. Get your first month of WWE Network for FREE: Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: Visit Must-See WWE videos on YouTube:

Lesnar and Paul Heyman promo: +2

Heyman talked about how the deck was stacked against Lesnar, and if either of Kane or Strowman beat each other, Lesnar would lose the championship. He went on to say that Lesnar would defeat Kane and Lesnar, and if required he would defeat all 30 members of the Royal Rumble match. Heyman put it plainly that Lesnar winning the match was the only possibility. Kane came out and hit Brock with a Chokeslam, but Brock just sat up like Kane does usually. The locker room came out to separate the two.

In the end, Lesnar stood tall. The ending seemed rushed and took away from the segment.

Brock Lesnar steps into the fire with Kane: Raw, Jan. 1, 2018

After the Universal Champion and his advocate, Paul Heyman, declare 2018 as “The Year of the Beast,” The Conqueror incites a wild brawl with The Big Red Machine.

This Raw was a great start to the New Year. Raw got a rating of +26 out of a possible +45.

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