Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 20: Herd Purchases and Lost Causes

Romelu Lukaku

With Gameweek 20 coming up it is time for the Boxing Day matches. With Christmas over, the players will have to pick their feet up from the next of the fire and get ready for another game. A trend has already developed in the transfer market ahead of Gameweek 20, following the players’ escapades in the games on the weekend.

In this article, we will outline the Herd Purchases [Players most transferred in] and Lost Causes [Players Most Transferred out] in FPL. We will also give our viewpoint, on whether the transfers are justified or not.

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Let’s start with the Herd Purchases.


Herd Purchases:

Raheem Sterling:

Raheem Sterling certainly feels like a must have at the moment following the performances he has given in the last three Gameweeks. Guardiola’s wheel of rotation seems to have calmed down a bit, and Sterling has started all the games since Gameweek 11. The last three Gameweeks saw him get 9, 12, and 13 points respectively.

The coming fixtures for City hardly seem to matter, with Manchester City currently steamrolling every opponent they face, but every run comes to an end at some time. With that in mind, City is set to face Newcastle, Crystal Palace and Watford in the coming weeks. Watford is on a losing streak, having lost four of the last matches, while Newcastle is more balanced. Crystal Palace has at last run into some good form of late, where they have held their opponents to draws if not winning the match. Keeping Sterling in for these fixtures seems like the way to go at the moment.


Harry Kane:

The most unpredictable man in the Premier League, what to do about Harry Kane is a conundrum each FPL manager has faced at some point in time. He is as likely to score a hattrick as he is to draw a blank, and as a result, managers are not sure whether to leave him in their team or captain him. Kane is owned by 40% of the FPL managers and in his last three fixtures, he got 2, 1, and 17 points respectively.

The coming fixtures for Spurs have them facing Southampton, Swansea and West Ham, with two fixtures in Gameweek 22, but none in 21. Throughout the best idea may be to hold on to Kane, as his presence will do more good than harm to your team.


Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 14 captain pick Harry Kane


Roberto Firmino

Selected by only 28.6% of managers, Roberto Firmino is one of the more under-appreciated players in the league. Liverpool’s form this season has been on and off, but the performances of the players have not. Firmino may not have always started this season, being in a team with a number of options for the manager to choose from, but he has still managed to contribute. He started in last three matches and managed to get 2, 12, and 11 points respectively.

Liverpool’s upcoming fixtures are against Swansea and Leicester City, followed by a match against Burnley. All three are comparatively lighter fixtures, and now is the time to keep Firmino on the team.


Lost Causes:

Wayne Rooney:

Just last week, Wayne Rooney was a Herd Purchase. An illness saw him miss out playing in the match, and the same illness remains a question even now. Rooney’s got a large number of points from the matches he played in last, with 15, 5, 8, 8, and 13 points in the last five fixtures.
Everton is set to face West Brom, Bournemouth and Manchester United in the next three matches, and the first two are comparative light fixtures. Dumping Rooney may not be the best idea, as he is sure to recover from the illness soon, and the striker is in the best form he has been in this season at the moment.


Nacho Monreal/Sead Kolasinac:

Monreal’s injury has seen him become one of the most dumped players this game week right alongside his teammate Kolasinac. Kolasinac has not played in the last three fixtures, though he played consistently till then. It unlikely that he will make a come back to the team soon.
Arsenal’s fixture list is mixed as they face West Brom and Crystal Palace in two lighter fixtures before they face Chelsea in the New Year. Monreal’s injury makes it too soon to tell, but holding on to the midfielder for a week may be to the benefit of FPL managers as he is one of the best defenders this season with 8 and 5 points in the last two full matches he played. Kolasinac can be dumped as he is costly, but at the moment it is unsure whether or not he will play in the coming weeks.


Sead Kolasinac


Romelu Lukaku:

Lukaku has been a cause of conflict for many managers as they are unsure what to do with him. His fluctuation in performance has seen him transferred out of a number of teams this Gameweek. The last three matches have had him register 5, 8 and 2 points respectively.
United are set to place Burnley, Southampton and Everton in the next three fixtures. Neither Southampton, nor Burnley are known for conceding goals, and Everton are in excellent form after they got Sam Allardyce as manager. It would be best to keep Lukaku if you already have him in your team, but there is no need to go out of your way to buy him at the moment.

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