Funny Hairstyles in Tennis

Venus Williams in the Funny Hairstyles in Tennis list

While there are some players who have dared not to cut a lock from their mane and experiment with their hairstyles, there are others who had sometimes thought that a dramatic action was required to perk up their looks. With the US Open 2017 set to go underway in just 2 weeks, let’s take a look back at Funny Hairstyles in Tennis that have shocked everyone, on and off the tennis courts, over the decade.

Andre Agassi’s Mullet Wig – Agassi rocked the 1990s with his punk-star mullet wig, which reminded us of nothing but a “koosh ball”. In his autobiography “Open”, the tennis legend revealed that the reason behind not cutting his mane was because it had started thinning on top and he was supplementing it with a wig the whole time. He further admitted that the fear of the wig falling off had affected his game to a huge extent, costing him some major losses during that period.

Andre Agassi

Venus Williams’ Multi-Colored Braids – At the 1999 Australian Open, Venus Williams’ hairstyle caused much more than fashion uproar. When the multi-color beaded braids from her hair fell on the tennis court, they deemed to have caused a “disturbance” by the umpire as he called a let. Fighting back her tears, the American argued “There’s no disturbance, no one’s being disturbed.” as the remaining beads bounced and rattled on the court.

Venus Williams

Andy Murray’s Afro – The Brit surely went for the go-big-or-go-home policy with his afro look that made a brief yet tumultuous display at the 2008 Australian Open. It was a good thing that he decided to chop it off after his first round loss, as he said, “What the woman in the salon must have been thinking when we turned up, I really don’t know.”

Andy Murray

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Svetlana Kuznetsova’s Corn Rows – Change can sometimes be good. But when it isn’t, it comes with its own pitfalls and so was the case with the Russian’s corn rows. At one point, she told Serena Williams “I want her hair, to have corn rows like her”, a wish that was finally fulfilled when she got the corn rows herself at the 2007 Wimbledon Championships, only to lose against Venus Williams. After her loss, Kuznetsova admitted, “My head was very tired and was asking me to take them out.

Svetlana Kuznestova

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Goran Ivanisevic’s Top Knot – The Croat believed that one needs to change otherwise “It’s too boring, everybody, they have the same fashion all the time.” Keeping in line with this belief, the 2001 Wimbledon Champion decided to wear his hair in a top knot which was “just fun” for him but not-so-fun for the onlookers.

Goran Ivanisevic

Alexandr Dolgopolov’s Corn Rows – One of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the tennis world is why did Dolgopolov decide to get corn rows? At the 2012 ATP Masters 1000 Tournament in Miami, the Ukrainian debuted his look, transforming his long silky mane into corn rows, which can be better described as gym ropes.

Alexandr Dolgopolov


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