US Open controversies!

US Open is the 4th and the final major due to be played in the last week of August. Controversies are a given at any major tennis event and we take a look at some of the US Open controversies to have taken place over the years.

6) When talking of controversies, Serena Williams is no one new to it. The American has been caught up in controversies several times. One such incident happened at US Open 2009 when Serena was playing Kim Clijsters. She was already one set down and 6-5 down in the 2nd at 15-30 when she was double-faulted for a foot-fault by the lines woman on her second serve that gave Clijsters the match point.

What followed was a series of rant by the American to the lines woman saying “I swear to God, I’m (expletive) going to take this (expletive) ball and shove it down your (expletive) throat, you hear that? I swear to God.”  The lines woman complained to the chair-umpire that offered Serena a penalty of a point after being issued a warning the first time she smashed her racket in anger. The penalty awarded Clijsters the win. Serena was further penalized 82,000$ and went under probation.


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5) Maria Sharapova was being accused by the players and other people of benefiting from illegal coaching when her father, Yuri, had offered her a banana twice during the match at 2006 US Open. She was then accused of illegal coaching as a result of being offered a banana by her father.

She reacted to it saying, “I’ve just won a Grand Slam. The last thing I’m going to want to talk about is a banana, alright? Can you tell me, if someone tells me to eat a banana, do you think that’s the reason why I’m going to win a match? This is great advice — we should tell all the junior players to have a banana and they’re all going to win. Great.” 


4) Serena Williams was spotted playing in a black-catsuit that caught the limelight and created a controversy in the 2002 US Open.

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3) “This tennis match has been rated ‘R’. No one under 17 admitted without a parent or a guardian.” a banner read as John McEnroe took on Ilie Nastase in a match at US Open 1979. It was a result of Nastase’s lashing at McEnroe for stalling between points. As a gesture to support the statement, Nastase even pretended to sleep on the baseline using the racket as his pillow.

He was then warned by the officials but he reportedly refused to continue and as a result was defaulted by the umpire handing McEnroe the win. Though this wasn’t the end as the 10,000 people crowd burst into anger and started to protest that led to interference from the tournament director and other officials. Nastase was reinstated in the match and the chair umpire was replaced as well. McEnroe went on to score a 4 match triumph. He even had dinner afterwards with Nastase as per his autobiography “Serious”.


2) Andy Roddick and Novak Djokovic were involved in a scuffle that resulted in Roddick pushing the later up against the lockers. As per reports Roddick wasn’t fascinated by Djokovic’s “chirping” during the 2008 US Open. He said, ” I was kind of talking trash and he came out and beat the pants off me, as he would, but he kind of chirped afterwards. So he comes straight in, and I went up against him and had him up against the locker,”. This was revealed by Roddick years after the incident took place.


1) The Serena Williams Vs Jennifer Capriati match saw as many as 4 obvious calls gone wrong! And all against Serena! Hawkeye surely plays its part well now and we certainly feel its importance!

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