Top 5 WWE matches of 2017 so far

John Cena Top 5 WWE matches 2017

WWE is known now for the incredible depth that they possess in their roster. However, unfortunately, they are also known for not making the best use of their incredible roster and often most wrestlers see their talents go to waste. The wrestling may be good, but the writing ruins the story completely and the fans can’t invest in the matches.

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This has happened in 2017 as well, but at least this time there have been a few storylines which have delivered with the story as well as the match.

Here are the top 5 matches of 2017 so far in WWE:

5. Big Show vs Braun Strowman [Raw, February 20th]

This is the only non-pay-per-view match on the list for a reason. Without a doubt, most of the matches which are held in the shows are nothing but a plot point used to build towards a larger plot altogether. The matches themselves are said to lack importance and thus don’t really woo the audience. This match was a definite exception to this rule.

Not only did it showcase the amazing shape that Big Show had gotten himself into, it showcased the sheer power of Braun Strowman. Big Show became the first person ever to kick out of his power slam but he went on to win the match with a second one.

The icing on the cake for the fans was the fact that after the match, when Roman attacked him, he put a stop to the attack and went on to destroy him.

4. Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns [Royal Rumble]

Roman Reigns is not the most popular wrestler among fans. In fact, one can say that he is the most hated performer among a large portion of the fans due to the decision of the authorities to push him to the moon. It’s not unnatural to see him get booed out of the building.

This does not change the fact that Roman is one of the best wrestlers in WWE. His ring work does not disappoint most of the time, and he has some really good matches to his name. One of these matches was with Kevin Owens at the Royal Rumble. With Jericho above the ring in a shark cage, they had an amazingly hardcore brawl with both wrestlers taking quite a few hard bumps. There was even a spot where Owens went through a pyramid of chairs.

The match ended with Braun’s interference, which KO took advantage of. The whole match was brilliant and true to the build up.

3. Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match [Money in the Bank]

The Money in the Bank Ladder match has never really failed to deliver. It remains one of the most awaited matches of the WWE calendar year, and this year proved to be no exception to the rule.

The match had everything. Each wrestler got their own time to shine in the match. Baron Corbin was the perfect heel by attacking Nakamura. Sami was amazing with an apron tigerplex on Owens and the Sunset Flip Powerbomb as well. The staredown between Styles and Nakamura was the best part, however, teasing a future match that the whole WWE fan base wants to see.

All thirty minutes of the match was full of action and this was the perfect match that they could have had.

2. Elimination Chamber Match [Elimination Chamber]

The Elimination Chamber was the first such match in a long time which felt special. What with the match being turned into a pay-per-view, it no longer possesses its intrigue and there have been several Elimination Chamber matches which were not ever worth it.

This match, however, had a little bit of everything making it worth all the hype. The match kept Corbin strong though he was eliminated first. Miz remained the sneaky heel that he does so well, by taking advantage of the damage that Corbin did on Ambrose.

Bray, AJ and Cena had an amazing triple threat that went on for a long time, till Wyatt put away both in a quick succession, finally winning the title that he so obviously deserved.

1. AJ Styles vs John Cena [Royal Rumble]

AJ Styles vs John Cena. This by itself sounds like a dream match now. The two put on a show the likes of which have not been seen since in the Royal Rumble. Going into the match, AJ held a 2-0 lead on Cena, while Cena was after the long time record of the 16 time WWE Champion, Ric Flair.

They put on an exhibition with near fall after near fall. It looked like Cena might even turn heel for the longest time, something the fans loved. The turn did not come, however, and he survived a Styles Clash before putting away Styles with two Attitude Adjustments one after the other.

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