US Open 2018: Everything you need to know!

With the Wimbledon marking the conclusion of the grass season, the players now gear themselves up for some intriguing battles on the hard courts, aiming for a final showdown at the US Open 2018.

The US Open is the 4th and the final Major being played in the calendar year with the players from all round the world giving their best in a bid to end their year on a high note. The US Open is fascinating in itself and stands out every year in entertaining the crowd with some great matches being played every year.

Let’s dive into some interesting things you might wanna know about the hard-court grand slam.


The US Open is the 4th and the final Grand Slam of the year. The tournament is signified by a plethora of great matches being played every year with the elites and the upcoming clashing swords against one another.

The tournament usually commences in late August and runs till the 2nd week of September. The players play on the Hard Courts of New York . Though the US Open isn’t the only tournament featuring hard courts as the Australian Open has an almost akin hard court, the only difference being the former sporting a “DecoTurf”—a type of acrylic hard court.

The turf is blue with surrounding green edges and outer court, a distinguished feature of the US Open.

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1881, the year that marked the origin of this prestigious tournament. The first ever match took place on the grass courts of Newport Casino in Rhode Island, a turf that continued to sport the matches until 1915, when the tournament was eventually shifted to New York.

Initially the US Open was renowned as the US National Singles Championships for Men, a result of the tournament being restricted to the male players of American origin. The Women’s singles and doubles made their way separately until the year 1968, a year that torched the Open Era. It was then when all the competitions were merged into one under the popular name of US Open.

Interestingly, the US Open is the only competition to have featured all the 3 surfaces. With its origin on the grass surface it wasn’t until the final days of the tournament at Forest Hills that the surface was altered to clay. In 1978, the championship was finally moved to its present home at Flushing Meadows in Queens, New York when the surface was altered, hopefully for the final time, to the hard court. Jimmy Connors is the only player to have the honour of winning the mentioned on all 3 surfaces.


In its prime, the US Open was played on the grass courts of Newport Casino in Rhode Island but soon shifted to New York’s Forest Hills and it wasn’t until 1978 that the tournament made its way to its present home at USTA National Tennis Center at Flushing Meadows in New York.

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The US Open is scheduled to start late in August every year and runs until early September.

The tournament usually starts on fortnight of late August, with the qualifiers scheduled around a week before the commencement of the main tournament i.e. around 20-22 August.

The US Open 2017 qualifiers are kick-starting from 22nd August with the main tournament commencing from 28th of August. The US Open finals are scheduled in early September. The 2017 season of US Open would conclude on 10th September.


This year the US Open has broken all records with a major bump in the prize money by almost 9%, taking the number to approx. 50 Million USD.

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