Fox in the Box: Analyzing the FPL prospects of Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez

Chicarito celebrates after scoring

With terms put by Bayer Leverkusen been agreed by West Ham United, we are expected to see a familiar face in the London-side soon enough, in the form of Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez, the baby-faced Mexican striker. One of the most clinical strikers out there, his move to West Ham means he’ll be making a return to the Premier League, having previously been a part of Manchester United.



Often compared to Santiago Munez, his film counterpart, who was a Mexican player who made a mark in European football, it’s definitely a story which resonates with Hernandez, who’s one of the most beloved players in his home country and North-America, and has fans here too.

This move has not only excited West Ham fans, but has also put FPL players on alert, as a lot of them will look to create space for Chicha in their squad. And, why wouldn’t they? With some brilliant stats to his name and impressive stints in big clubs around the world, he could well be the goal-scorer West Ham and FPL fans want. Let’s analyse the 29-year-old’s return to the Premier League, which could be helpful information for Fantasy football fans out there.


Having played in the Premier League for 7 years, he’s scored 37 goals and notched 12 assists in 103 appearances, which is a decent contribution considering the immense talent United had in the attacking front. Sharing his position with premium stars like Rooney, Berbatov, Owen and Van Persie in the same team, his role was mostly that of a backup striker, being substituted into the match more times than making it to the starting 11, which makes his goal scoring record all the more impressive. This meant that a lot of FPL players were sceptical while choosing him in their FPL squads then, as the amount of game-time he would receive would always be a mystery.

Although, what remains one of his most impressive stats is his goal-per-minute ratio, averaging a goal every 130 minutes roughly, which is the 5th highest GPM ratio in the Premier League (minimum of 30 games played). So, expect Chicha to be the reliable one for West Ham United. Possessing a shot accuracy of almost 50% while he played in the PL, we can safely say he has taken his chances well and proven himself well enough in one of the best leagues in the world.


A short loan-spell at Real Madrid during his final years with United saw him keep another impressive goals-per-minute ratio, which was before he moved to Bayer Leverkusen.


Although a brilliant striker, he had some questionable characteristics, with eccentric ball control and some careless performances being the notable ones. He also wasn’t the most daring goal scorer out there, with more than 85% of his goals being one-touch finishes in the box. So, a mix of all these factors was what prevented him from being held in high regard.


But all of this changed as he made his way to Bayer Leverkusen.

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With 23 goals in just 43 appearances for the German team, Chicharito was a massive success. He looked fresh, alert like a fox whenever on the pitch. He finished his chances with relative ease and utmost swagger at most times. It’s difficult to say if he used to play the same way in his United days, but his rising popularity and dependability were something which he needed to make a mark in world football. One of his most impressive seasons yet.


His final season with the German club before moving to The Hammers was a disappointing one (not only for him but everyone in the club), as they finished a lowly 12th place, battling for safety in the last few months of the season. Chicharito was injured for most of the season but did manage to score a decent 13 goals in that period of time. He’s a goal-poacher no doubt.


Some say it’s a downgrade for a 29-year-old to move to West Ham after playing with the likes of Manchester United, Real Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen, but he could well be the person who could revolutionize West Ham United and more importantly – give us a fantastic new FPL asset.


A player of this calibre is expected to start for sure, so expect the record Mexican goal scorer to make a mark in the Premier League this coming season.

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