WWE Smackdown Highlights ft. Jinder Mahal, John Cena

WWE Smackdown Star John Cena

WWE Smackdown aired its final episode before the Battleground pay-per-view. Here are the highlights from the action –

Orton sends a chilling warning to Jinder

Jinder Mahal was flanked by the Singh brothers as the Punjabi Prison structure stood tall around the ring. The entire scene looked ominous as the brother began reminding the WWE Universe about the rules of the upcoming match on Sunday. Jinder again stressed the No Disqualification stipulation and predicted his victory, promising to retain his title.

Randy Orton came out and pointed out the fact that the Punjabi Prison would actually work in his favor, as the Singh brothers would be unable to cause any sort of interference in the match. Further, Orton went on to remind everyone of his reputation as ‘The Viper’ and the pressure that Jinder would be under, carrying the hopes of 1.3 billion people. Orton was adamant as he foreshadowed the scene he was going to witness as he lifted the title that he considers to be his own.

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Rusev ambushes Cena ahead of the Flag match

John Cena came out to the ring with the American and Bulgarian flag perched on top of opposite turnbuckles. He went on to subtly gauge the audience’s inclination and appeared confident that he would emerge victorious from his match again Rusev, ensuring that it would be the American Star Spangles Banner fluttering proudly at Battleground.

Rusev had heard enough and just as Cena’s music started playing, he came from behind and launched a blindsided attack on Cena. Eventually, he locked in the Accolade. Cena made a desperate attempt to get free and fight backm but Rusev’s grip and weight was too much  to overcome.

Chaos breaks loose in the main event

The tag team match between the team of AJ Styles and Nakamura against Owens and Corbin started with brawl, that was initiated by Corbin when he went after Nakamura during the latter’s entrance. Styles and Owens joined in soon enough.

Corbin continued the momentum into the match and held an early advantage over his opponents in the match that followed. Owens helped out Corbin and took out Styles at the ring apron. Corbin went for End of Days on Styles, who countered with an enziguiri.

Having the upper hand, Styles went for the StylesClash, but did not see the tag that was made, making Owens the legal man. Owens came in with a superkick and finished the match with the Pop-Up powerbomb.

Here are a look at the highlights from WWE Smackdown –

WWE Smackdown 7/18/2017 Highlights HD – WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown 18th July 2017 Highlights HD

Quick Hits: The show opened with Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers coming to the ring and lowering the Punjabi Prison Jimmy Uso defeated Kofi Kingston Chad Gable had a sitdown interview with Renee Young Mike Kanellis defeated Sami Zayn John Cena came to the ring and promised to win his flag match on Sunday for America Becky Lynch defeated Charlotte Flair Kevin Owens and Baron Corbin defeated AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura

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