Best Wimbledon Finals – Part 1

John McEnroe Vs Jimmy Connors features in the list of Best Wimbledon Finals

Wimbledon is the most amusing tournament in itself. Players from all round the world come to try their luck in winning this prestigious and historic tournament on the grass turfs of London. The most awaited and mesmerising moment every year are the Wimbledon finals, where the fans find it hard to get off their seats whilst watching their favourite stars compete in a bid to win the final match of the tournament and cement their name in the Wimbledon history. Today, we take a look at the Best Wimbledon Finals ever played!

10) Year – 1977

    Opponents – Bjorn Borg Vs  Jimmy Connors

    Result – Bjorn Borg wins 3-6,6-2,6-1,5-7,6-4

The year 1977 was the Centenary year of the grass court Grand Slam, Wimbledon. The locals already had got a taste of their local winning the Women’s title that year as the Brit Virginia Wade successfully lifted the Wimbledon Women’s title. But the most eye-catching and remembered match was the epic brawl between Bjorn Borg and his counter-part in Jimmy Connors.

The match saw some ecstatic and mouth-watering duel from both ends as Borg’s quick feet and flatter serves came to his rescue. In addition to this, the match can be said to be the starting point of the “baseline era” as the world witnessed a majority of baseline play from both the ends. In the end Borg prevailed with his stamina in what was one of the longest matches of that time, lasting for 3 hours and 14 minutes.

Bjorn Borg Jimmy Connors Wimbledon 1977 Final

final Bjorn Borg vs. Jimmy Connors 36, 62, 61, 57, 64, 1977 Wimbledon Final This was the second of Borg’s five consecutive Wimbledon championships. borg connors finale wimbledon

9) Year – 1980

    Opponents – Bjorn Borg Vs John McEnroe

    Result – Bjorn Borg wins 1-6,7-5,6-3,6-7,8-6

It was a match almost akin to the Roger FedererRafael Nadal match of 2008. The match saw a bout between the top 2 players of that time, who weren’t lacking any playing style nor were they behind in terms of personality. McEnroe believed himself to be the best player of that time but still respected his opponent’s antics whilst playing games. Borg, by the time, had already prevailed the tournament 4 times before and was playing for a historic 5th consecutive title and had a clear cut mental edge over the American.

The fifth and the deciding set started with Borg breaking the American in the very first game. Averaging above 80%  first serves and conceding only 3 points in his serve games, Borg was marching for the history. Though, McEnroe did put in his best and managed to save the match twice by serving out the Swede. Another opportunity flowed in for Borg in the eight game when he forced an error on his opponent after which a backhand from the Swede was enough to win him his historic 5th consecutive Wimbledon title. Though McEnroe forged his vengeance over his contrary by defeating him the following year at the Wimbledon 1981 and US Open 1980-81 as well.

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One of the greatest? Borg v McEnroe Wimbledon Final 1980

The first time that Ice met Fire in a Wimbledon final, Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe battled out over five tempestuous sets in 1980, before Borg eventually retained his title. Watch more exclusive content at… SUBSCRIBE to The Wimbledon YouTube Channel:… LIKE Wimbledon on Facebook:…

8) Year – 1982

    Opponents – Jimmy Connors Vs John McEnroe

    Result – Jimmy Connors wins 3-6, 6-3, 6-7, 7-6, 6-4

Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe – These were the names that would promptly pop-up in any tennis fans’ head in those days, if asked about a fierce rivalry. They had already played each other on several occasions before they met in the finals of Wimbledon in 1982. The match was a chance for Connors to clinch his 2nd title after 8 years of winning his first and simultaneously a chance for McEnroe to successfully defend his title. McEnroe was bidding for the pro position in those days, should he win the title.

The match started off rather dully with a slow start but gained the fierceness the fans were expecting as time passed by. Connors displayed some exotic round-the-court placements with some extraordinary baseline play coupled with quite good volleys to find himself outclassing his fierce opponent and dehtroning him from the pro spot. There were some hinges in the 4th set as McEnroe never seemed to give in. Though somehow Jimmy muddle past the hinges and won the epic final set to lift the title. The match broke the record of the longest match of that time, estimating about 4 hours and 14 minutes.

Wimbledon 1982 Final – McEnroe vs Connors

Pelo terceiro ano seguido Mac avança a final de Wimbledon, desta vez contra Connors, e a partida não poderia ser de outro jeito a não ser Simplesmente Sensacional…

7) Year – 1984

    Opponents – Jimmy Connors Vs John McEnroe

    Result – John McEnroe wins 6-1,6-1 6-2

The match couldn’t have had made it to the list if it had not been these two. Their evergreen rivalry against each other made the bout even more interesting. And to spice up the moment was McEnroe’s defeat to his counter-part in their previous meeting at Wimbledon finals in 1982. McEnroe was certainly left frustrated after his loss to his fierce rival in 1982. To add fuel to the fire was his loss to another staunch rival at the French Open, only aggravating his frustration.

The match was completely one-sided, as McEnroe humbled his opponent. Connors was the victim of McEnroe’s intense frustration. It wasn’t the case that he played badly as Connors came of with an impressive victory in the semis over Lendl. But the credit can be given to McEnroe’s tantalizing performance, seemingly every shot of his being completely gold. Connors was left unmoved for most of the part as he failed to compete to the ecstatic placements of his opponent and saw nearly every shot fling past him as a winner.

The match was very short lived and McEnroe wrapped it up in an under 1 hour 30 minutes to lift the title and putting an end to his thirst for his vengeance.

Wimbledon 1984 – John McEnroe vs Jimmy Connors

Highlights from the final

6) Year – 1990

    Opponents – Stefan Edberg Vs Boris Becker

    Result – Stefan Edberg wins 6-2,6-2,3-6,3-6,6-4

It was the 3rd straight year that both the players were meeting at the Wimbledon finals which added to their intense rivalry. Both the players till then had equally splitted the titles one a piece. For the first year it ended up in one opponent being completely out of form while the second year saw a rather one-sided affair. But the case was totally opposite in 1990 as the year saw an epic brawl between the two players.

The recently bankrupted Becker, in his autobiography, revealed that he was struggling with his sleeping pills intake in the start of the match that saw him trail 2-0 to his opponent, squandering 6-2 6-2 in both sets. But the match gained the “epic” title due to the unexpected comeback from Boris Becker in the next 2 sets, equalling the toll to 2-2 and taking the match to a decider set.

The final set of this epic bout started of well for Becker with him breaking Edberg in the start and hustling forward for his 4th title and in a bid to set up a record of winning the last 3 straight sets in Wimbledon history. But unfortunately, it wasn’t Becker’s day as the Swede regained the break in the very next game and rallied on to break him once again in the 9th game as well after a double fault handed him the required advantage. Edberg hustled forward by eventually serving out Boris in the final game, ending up with a topspin lob shot to wrap up the contest.

At the end, there were some light-hearted exchanges between the two as Becker urged Stefan to let him hold the trophy for a few seconds to see what it feels like whilst holding one.

1990 Wimbledon Stefan Edberg Boris Becker

1990 Wimbledon Stefan Edberg Boris Becker I do not own this video and have no copyrights on this This is property of NBC

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