WWE Smackdown Highlights featuring Daniel Bryan

WWE Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan

With Money in the Bank in the books, WWE Smackdown aired the most recent episode of WWE Smackdown. Here are the highlights from the action –

Orton out for vengeamce against Mahal

Randy Orton was unable to win back his WWE title from Mahal two days ago at Money in the Bank, and he attacked Mahal after his match against Luke Harper. Orton went after the Singh Brothers to begin with and then took the fight outside the ring and to the announce desk. Slamming Mahal off the barrier, Orton then struck with the draping DDT on the floor. The Singh brother tried to interfere, but Orton came back with an RKO on one of them. Mahal escaped while Orton hit another RKO on the other Singh brother to close out the final segment.

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Carmella pay for Ellsworth’s actions

James Ellsworth  took matters into his own hands at MITB when he made the climb to the top of the ladder and retrieved the briefcase on Carmella’s behalf. This week, returning General Manager Daniel Bryan made them pay for bending the rules and took away the briefcase from Carmella. Ellsworth tried to get under Bryan’s skin, but that did not do anybody any favors as Bryan booked another MITB ladder match for next week. But Carmella’s issues did not stop there. Charlotte and Becky were the ones who stood after the subsequent brawl and made Carmella the focus of their attack. Charlotte hit Natural Selection while Becky locked in the Disarm her to wrap up the segment.

Nakamura gets the better of Ziggler again

Ever since making his main roster debut, Shinsuke Nakamura has been locking horns with Ziggler. He was yet to lose to the Show-off, and Nakamura extended that streak this week by registering yet another win against him. This time, the match was much more closely contested and went through various momentum changes. Ziggler looked to alter his approach and tried to wear down Nakamura in order to avoid the fast-paced offense. Ziggler tried to keep him down with a sleeper hold, but Nakamura broke free courtesy a head-butt.

Nakamura struck back with another one his vicious kicks, catching ZIggler in the back of the head to gain the momentum. He set up the finish and nailed the Kinshasa – one of the best he has hit on the main roster – and sealed the win for himself.

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Here is a complete highlights package from this edition of WWE Smackdown –

WWE Smackdown 6/20/2017 Highlights HD – WWE Smackdown 20 June 2017 Highlights HD

WWE Smackdown 6/21/2017 Highlights HD – WWE Smackdown 21 June 2017 Highlights HD

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