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Andy Murray – “I have been the best”

Andy Murray

The World No.1, Andy Murray, isn’t having a compelling season so far, with some early exits at the Madrid and Italian Open followed by a semi-final loss on the French turf, to the runner-up, Stan Wawrinka.

The Brit has failed to gain any considerable momentum since the last Australian Open in 2016. He last won a title in 2016, at the Dubai Tennis Championships and since then has failed to even make it to the finals of any tournament. He had a horrendous clay season, all ending up in an unpleasant early exits.

The Brit climbed to the pro spot, after dethroning Novak Djokovic in 2016. Despite this, John McEnroe is of the opinion that the crowned was far distant from the top 4.

“He’s always been top four, but it’s been a distant fourth. In a way, he’s still a distant fourth.”

Though the facts currently are favoring the McEnroe’s notion, but the Brit is all at his self-defence in the media.

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“If it were for the most part of my career, it would have been true. I have always suffered in the rankings to them, they have won more titles than I have. I cannot compare myself to them.” He said ahead of Queen’s.

He further added, “There are only one or two things that they haven’t achieved unlike me. For most of the part of career I would have been fourth, but it’s certainly not true for the previous year. I was ranked No.1 and have toiled a lot to achieve that.”

“I have been better than them for the time period and the rankings are a proof to it. That’s how the ranking system works.”

Though, the Brit was in full praise of his counter-parts, respecting their achievements and acknowledging the fat that they prevail in terms overall career stats. He added to his statements saying, “This is the case for now but had it been on an overall basis, I would love to- if were given a chance to- swap careers with them. They have won a lot more than I have and that is very good.”

The British national has a lot to do ahead of the tournaments at Queen’s and Wimbledon. Murray would be competing for a title defence both at Wimbledon and at Queen’s. He has failed to impress the fans with some undermining tennis. His performance seemed a bit improved at Rolland Garros but the World No.1 couldn’t possibly count on that if he is to retain his World No.1 spot.

“I could have done better on clay and possibly moved a bit faster. But again that was a different surface. It is a completely different way of moving and playing the points, so I have worked a bit on that as well.”

“My serving could have improved. That is something that in the last few months has not been so good. It was better in Paris but again, if you want to win the best competitions you cannot get away with things not being at a great level.”

Murray does hope of getting the grass to his advantage. He is familiar to its play and does acknowledge the fact of getting a quicker on grass. He said,” At the Slams you have to be doing you very best in everything. So i had been working a quite a lot on that lately. And obviously then there is grass which helps you to be a bit quicker an earn more points easily.”

“I felt I could have done a bit better at Paris and on other clay competitions as well. I could have moved a bit faster. But again it was a completely different surface. It is a completely different way of moving and playing the points, so I have worked a bit on that as well.”

Andy Murray is about to play his first match at Queen’s since his loss at French Open. Murray is scheduled to play his British counter-part Aljaž Bedene in Round 1 of Queen’s Club Championships tomorrow.  

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