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Money in the Bank is one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the WWE calendar. Not only does it contain a ladder match, where the most extreme stunts are performed, but also, the winner of the Money in the Bank match goes on to become one of the main focuses of WWE in the coming year at least. This is as, more often than not, he goes on to become the WWE Champion by cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase at the most opportune moment.

Here are the top 5 Money in the Bank matches that have occurred till date:

5. Rob Van Dam vs Ric Flair vs Bobby Lashley vs Finley vs Shelton Benjamin vs Matt Hardy [Wrestlemania 22]

A match which is worth remembering for so many reasons, this money in the bank match saw RVD finally winning the Money in the Bank briefcase. He would go on to cash it in against John Cena in ECW and win the title for a run that was cut short far too soon.

The match saw spots like the Nature Boy taking bumps that he definitely should not have at his age, and also massively put over Shelton Benjamin, who displayed what he could do given the chance.

FULL MATCH – Money in the Bank Ladder Match: WrestleMania 22 (WWE Network Exclusive)

Rob Van Dam, Shelton Benjamin, Ric Flair, Finlay, Matt Hardy and Bobby Lashley battle at The Show of Shows: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network. More ACTION on WWE NETWORK : http://wwenetwork.com Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: http://bit.ly/1i64OdT Must-See WWE videos on YouTube: https://goo.gl/QmhBof Visit WWE.com: http://goo.gl/akf0J4

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4. Dolph Ziggler vs Tensai vs Tyson Kidd vs Christian vs Damian Sandow vs Cody Rhodes vs Santino Marella vs Sin Cara [Money in the Bank 2012]

Dolph Ziggler won the briefcase in this match, and then cashed it in, in one of the arguably most exciting cash in’s in the briefcase’s history against Alberto Del Rio. The match itself was amazing and seemed to make up for in ability what it lacked in star power.

Tyson Kidd, Cody and Dolph all helped put on an incredible show.

WWE Money in the Bank 2012 Highlight

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3. Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk vs Randy Orton vs Rob Van Dam vs Christian vs Sheamus [Money in the Bank 2013]

This was a stacked money in the bank match, and Randy Orton went on to win it. This match not only saw the likes of CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and RVD in the same match, it had all the intrigue as well, with Punk being betrayed by his manager Paul Heyman. It also saw the return of RVD to a huge ovation in Philly.

This match led to one of the best angles as well, with the creation of the authority with Triple H turning heel at Wrestlemania, and helping Orton to cash in against Bryan who had just won the title against Cena.

Orton vs RVD vs Christian vs Sheamus vs Bryan vs Punk Money In The Bank 2013 Highlights

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2. CM Punk vs Chris Jericho vs Carlito vs Shelton Benjamin vs John Morrison vs MVP vs Mr. Kennedy [Wrestlemania 24]

CM Punk was a talisman never truly appreciated by the WWE. At Wrestlemania 24 however, he was given his first big break when he won this incredible match. For mainstream WWE fans, it was the first time that the Straight Edge superstar became a Star as he cashed it in against Edge and won the World Heavyweight Title.

This match also had a cringeworthy moment as Shelton Benjamin nearly killed himself with a Senton Bomb off a ladder onto another ladder, as his opponents and the audience all watched open-mouthed.

WWE WrestleMania 24 Money In The Bank Full Ladder Match en Español latino

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1. Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit vs Edge vs Christian vs Kane vs Shelton Benjamin [Wrestlemania 21]

The match that started it all, this was the first match of this kind, and it stands alone as the best money in the bank match of all time. Not only did it have six main event stars involved, Shelton put on a display worth seeing again and again. Kane was terrifying and Edge and Christian were their usual legendary selves in the ladder match. Benoit being busted open also remains a sight to be never forgotten.

Edge won the first ever match and went on to win the title from Cena at New Year’s Revolution, after the Elimination Chamber match in a moment that has gone down in WWE lore.

WWE Wrestlemania 21 – Money In The Bank Highlights HD

WWE Wrestlemania 21 – Money In The Bank Highlights HD First Ever MITB Ladder Match The creator of this kind of struggle is Chris Jericho, who dreamed of this kind of combat. Jericho is proposed to the company and decided to celebrate it at WrestleMania 21 as an event for wrestlers of RAW.

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