Wimbledon – Best servers on Grass!

Roger Federer features in the Best servers on Grass

The grass courts of the All England club, are a paradise for players who rely heavily on their service game and have an affinity towards long rallies. Every year at Wimbledon, a new serving talent is unearthed and service records are broken, due to the fast nature of the court. We take a look at the Best Servers on Grass.

1. John Isner

Service games won: 92.8%

ATP Serve Rating: 319.7

John IsnerThe American “big serving” John Isner has earned hismelf that nickname by bludgeoning the ball on his serve and has taken full advantage of his height and inherent serving ability.

The “marathon man” has a lot more going than just insanely long matches, with the most impressive second serve percentage, to go with one of the best first serve percentages (70.2%).

He has won an astonishing 81% of first serve points and hits aces at will, even on his second serve and catches his opponents off guard.

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2. Ivo Karlovic

Service Games Won: 92.9%

ATP Serve Rating: 312.2

Ivo KarlovicThe World No.24 Ivo Karlovic is the tallest player in professional tennis and has got the natural ability to serve his opponents out of the match. His is the most powerful serve going around and he has a remarkable 1st serve percentage of 64.4%.

He has won 82.4% of the first serve points and has hit an astounding 2,324 aces on grass in such a short span of time. Even the best returners in the game are intimidated by his serve, though he has not been able to go past the Quarter Finals at the Wimbledon.

3. Milos Raonic 

Service Games Won: 91.1%

ATP Serve Rating: 302.4

Milos RaonicThe Canadian has a rocket arm and has catapulted his way to titles and upwards in the rankings, just by the virtue of one of the most powerful and accurate serves, delivered at almost impossible angles sometimes.

Currently World No.6, he has won 80.7% first serve points ,which is at par with the best, if not the best. Something that he heavily relies on, Raonic’s serve has helped him get out of trouble many times.

The only hurdle between Raonic and outrageous success is his weak second serve, which is his Achilles’ heel really as counter punchers tend to get the better of him.

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4. Roger Federer

Service Games Won: 91.6%

ATP Serve Rating: 301.0

Roger FedererProbably the most consistent server of all time, Federer’s serve has given him an easy escape out of precarious situations, countless times. His serving stats take a new shape altogether on grass, though he has excellent serve statistics on other courts as well.

His ability to hit an ace in the most dire circumstances, with the coolest of heads, is unparalleled. He has a first serve percentage of 62.1% and has won an incredible 80% first serve points. He is second to only Ivo Karlovic, on the list of most aces on grass, with 1837 aces.

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5. Nick Kyrgios

Service Games Won: 89.8%

ATP Serve Rating: 299.5

Nick KyrgiosThe Australian Kyrgios might not have done justice with his serve this season, but has certainly intimidated his opponents with a serve that has been dubbed one of the best the world has ever seen, sometimes considered superior to Pete Sampras, Boris Becker and Roger Federer.

His natural serving ability and early training has forged one of the most devastating serves, with a first serve percentage of 66.3% and a first serve points win percentage of 77.2%.


*All stats courtesy ATPWORLDTOUR

*Stats only include active players

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