Controversial dresses at Wimbledon

Roger Federer Wimbledon 2012

Wimbledon is the most popular and awaited Grand Slam tournament for any tennis fan. With dress code strictly followed at The Championships, we take a look at some controversial dresses at Wimbledon put on by the players.

Alongside the great history and hype of the grass court Grand Slam, Wimbledon has gained some great popularity, thanks majorly to its female players who have managed to increase the temperature and create a stir with their controversial outfits.

All the female players are usually seen abiding with the rules of the tournament but there have been times where some of them decided to push the limits and gain some fame. These includes some interesting inclusions with the likes of Roger Federer, Venus Williams, Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova. Read on to find out more about who these flambouyant personalities were.

1) “Gorgeous Gussie” Moran (1949)

MoranA former player in Gertrude Moran was nicknamed as “Gorgeous Gussie” after she stole the limelight in the Wimbledon 1949 for becoming the first female player ever to wear a skirt so short, literally making her knickers visible.

The ruffled outfit was specially designed to make the knickers visible. This led to one of the great controversies of that time which even led to Moran being accused of “vulgarity and a sin to tennis” by the All England Club Committee.

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2) Karol Fageros (1958)

Karol Fageros

Karol Fageros, an American tennis player active in the 1950s made it to the headlines for getting banned from the Wimbledon 1958 for defying the dress code of Wimbledon. The All England Club committee took the in response to her wearing a “lame golden shorts”, as per them, under her skirt.

Clearly the committee was looking to avoid another “Gorgeous Gussie” situation as they allowed the player to return to play after she replace the golden shorts with white.


3) Anne White (1985)

Anne White

Anne White was seemingly a distraction to her opponent for the match, Pam Shriver. White wore an all-in-one white catsuit for the match, good and full sleeved, top to bottom without exposing any of her.

But she gained some disputable attention and managed to be in the list after her opponent, Shriver, complained to the match officials, after succumbing to White, that they make sure she never wore that outfit again in any of her matches as it was seemingly distracting and the reason for her loss to White.

4) Anna Kournikova (2002)

Anna KournikovaBefore she became Enrique Iglesias’ full-time significant other, Anna was a bit of a tennis player and was known for her fashion sense.

Anna Kournikova, gained quite an attention after she wore a bit revealing short shirt paired with a skirt to her match.

The outfit saw her expose a decent amount of her mid-riff but she was never objected to wearing it as not too much people displayed any issues with it.

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5) Tatiana Golovin (2007)

Tatiana GolovinThe Wimbledon rules specifically mandates it for everyone to wear a complete white outfit. Any other colours are permitted subject to a majority part of the outfit being white. The French, Tatiana Golovin, in Wimbledon 2007 took the full liberty to push the boundaries by wearing an all red short to the match coupled with a white top.

Her red short was clearly visible to all and this annoyed the match officials and the committee members of the All England Club, though she survived any major sentencing. The rumor-mill states that Tatiana was happy showing off her red shorts, despite Wimbledon issuing her with breach of dress-code, just because red signified power.

6) Maria Sharapova (2008)

Maria SharapovaMaria Sharapova, who made her place amongst the elites after winning the Wimbledon at the mere age of 17, seemed to have been fed up with the outdated attire of the All England Club, only after 4 years of winning the title. The Russian beauty decided to take her attire up a notch by wearing a tuxedo styled white coloured outfit.

The outfit did catch some eyes but somehow managed to stay low as Sharapova was eliminated in the 2nd Round itself by her fellow Russian, Alla Kudryavtseva. Kudryavtseva displayed her disliking for Sharapova’s attire saying, “I was pleased to beat her – I didn’t like her outfit.”

7) Serena Williams (2008)

Serena WilliamsThe resident of Florida, USA, Serena Williams, to the crowd’s amusement, started off her warm-up on the court dressed in a trench coat.

That seemed quite crazy. I live in Florida and I love coats.”

“I keep on buying new coats. I don’t know why it just doesn’t add up?” said Serena when asked about her crazy and eye-catching warm-up outfit.

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8) Bethanie Mattek-Sands (2006 & 2011)

Bethanie Mattek Sandsin 2011, a Lady Gaga inspired, Bethanie Mattek-Sands wore a jacket which only Lady Gaga would think of wearing. She perplexed the fans with a war paint and a white bomber jacket decorated with spray-painted white tennis balls chopped.

She concerned the officials with it but soon they were relieved seeing the American playing without the jacket. Though she wasn’t new to this limelight as in 2006 she took the headlines after wearing a tank top accompanied with short shorts and a long pair of socks to the tournament. She lost to an akin fashion minded Venus Williams that day.

9) Serena Williams (2010)

 Serena Williams The American national, Serena Williams once again successfully catched the attention of the photographers after she was seen showing-off her very well manicured nails.

Williams loves being fashionable and there was probably no one to counter her for her nails as the Wimbledon laws doesn’t impart any restrictions to showing off some neat manicured nails. Furthermore, Williams triumphed that very year and clinched her 4th Wimbledon title.


10) Venus Williams (2010, 2011)

Venus Williams Venus Williams is no stranger to the controversy either as she caught the eye of the onlookers in her match at Wimbledon 2010, in her quest for her 6th title. She baffled the fans with a “Tina Turner” inspired outfit. The word around was the dress was more suited for a night out than a Wimbledon tournament.

Though Venus never seemed to back-off as she once again gained the attention in 2011, this time wearing an attire of her own clothing brand, EleVen. The attire gained some major disputable attention considering it was a zip-up onesie added to a baggy top half and a peek-a-boo back that saw Venus revealing a pair of golden pants, giving the photographers their perfect shots for the day.

11) Roger Federer (2013)

Roger FedererThe Swiss wasn’t a prey to controversy but this time the Wimbledon rules were a subject of talking. Federer was completely dressed in a white uniform, abiding the rules. But what went wrong?

The orange sole of the shoes the Swiss giant was wearing. Federer was banned from wearing those pair of shoes from then on. This left the 7 time Wimbledon champ questioning and surprised by the strictness of the rules.

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12) Eugenie Bouchard (2015)

Eugenie BouchardWimbledon 2015 saw one of the most debatable controversy as Eugenie Bouchard, in her first round match was issued a warning for breaching the dress code for a seemingly lame reason.

The player was completely dressed in white but it was just the black strap of her bra that led the officials to issue a warning to the player. This was quite debatable as Wimbledon neglect any other colour given a majority of the outfit is white, which was the case with Bouchard.

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