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WWE Smackdown Highlights

WWE Smackdown star AJ Styles

WWE Smackdown aired live with Money in the Bank looming large. Here are the highlights from the night –

Lana makes her first appearance; makes her presence felt

After weeks of build-up, Lana finally made her debut and instantly found herself in the mix. She interrupted the unveiling of the MITB briefcase that will be hung above the ring during the inaugural women’s MITB match. Lana demanded to be in the match, but Shane McMahon denied citing her lack of in-ring experience.

Later, the team of Naomi, Charlotte and Becky took on the Welcoming Committee. The heels dominated early on, but Women’s champion Naomi turned the tables allowing Charlotte to keep control of the match. But Lana came out and tripped the champion on the apron, which gave Tamina the opportunity to hit the super-kick and get the win. Naomi approached Shane after the match and booked a championship match against Lana at Money in the Bank.

AJ Styles gets his win back

A week removed from an upset loss at the hands of Ziggler in his hometown, AJ Styles got his win back this week. Styles employed a more technical approach and went for more rest-holds. Ziggler came back with a huge dropkick, but Styles kept the momentum. Ziggler attempted a superplex, but Styles got out the way and also countered the subsequent DDT. He retainied the advantage and capped off the win after nailing the Styles Clash.

Shinsuke Nakamura beats Kevin Owens

In the main event, Nakamura defeated the United States champion Kevin Owens, putting  up a great performance. Using his precise strikes and speed to outwork his opponent, Nakamura made it almost impossible for Owens to retaliate. But Owens made a comeback and got some offense in the form of the cannonball and some strikes of his own. While setting up for the Pop-up powerbomb, Owens faltered and Nakamura made him pay. The end came after he nailed the Kinshasa on Owens fot the win.

After the match, Baron Corbin attacked Nakamura and hit him with the End of Days to send a powerful message  to all the competitors in the Money in the Bank match.

Here is a complete highlights package from the WWE Smackdown.

WWE Smackdown 6/6/2017 Highlights HD – WWE Smackdown 6 June 2017 Highlights HD

WWE Smackdown 6/7/2017 Highlights HD – WWE Smackdown 7 June 2017 Highlights HD

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