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UEFA Champions League Final: Key Battles that could decide Real Madrid vs Juventus

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One of the biggest competitive fixtures will take place in the form of Juventus vs Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League final on Sunday. Both teams come into this game winning their respective leagues, which means these are the 2 best teams from their respective countries. So, it is going to be a hard-fought battle for both.

Featuring a host of big names, FYS uncovers some key battles which will be crucial in deciding who lifts the Champions League trophy come the 4th of June.


Leonardo Bonucci vs Cristiano Ronaldo

While everyone is aware of Real Madrid’s BBC, Juventus have a BBC of their own, consisting of Barzagli, Bonucci and Chiellini. Juventus, without doubt, possess the strongest defence in Europe, of which Bonucci has been an integral part. His strength and integrity have conquered the hearts of every Bianconeri. “He has been important to Juventus this season,” seems like a large understatement.


Considering his contributions towards the team’s success, Cristiano Ronaldo is no less. He’s scored 10 goals this season in the UCL, including a hattrick against German giants Bayern, to rack up 100 goals in the Champions League. These numbers are just marginal supports to how crucial Ronaldo is for the Spanish club.


So it’s one of the best defenders against one of the best goal-scorers face to face in the final. Cristiano Ronaldo believes Juventus have some weak spots which can be exploited, and if Bonucci manages to keep him quiet instead, Juventus have a great chance to win the trophy.

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Miralem Pjanic vs Toni Kroos

Miralem Pjanic has been so good, fans claim that they are glad that the Italian team replaced Paul Pogba in place of him. Passing is his strongest suit, and his vision, lay-off skills, through-balls and even direct free-kicks can harm Real Madrid. He claims that the Spanish Champions have their weaknesses, just like Cristiano claimed that the Italian champions have theirs.  So, one can expect Pjanic to be the one who hurts Madrid.


Toni Kroos, on the other hand, has been Real Madrid’s engine for quite some time. “I think that Kroos is the engine of Real Madrid. He has a way of playing that reminds me a lot of myself. He is like my successor on the field.”  These words by legendary midfielder Xavi are enough proof that Kroos is the real deal.


The German midfielder will compete against his Bosnian counterpart, and with one team having a strong defence and the other having a strong attack, it’s the midfield position where the outcome of the match might be decided.


Paulo Dybala vs Sergio Ramos

Just 23 years old, the Argentinean is one of the most exciting and dynamic young players in the world currently. Not only has he been pivotal in Juventus’s title march, but has also been equally key in their road to the finals, which included Barcelona’s demise in the quarterfinals. He has been called the crown jewel of Juventus by media and fans alike.


Sergio Ramos is the experienced one. Not only is he an amazing defender, but his leadership qualities, physicality and awareness are second to none. If that wasn’t enough, he has been Real Madrid’s saviour this season, scoring important stoppage time goals to help them win games. He’s scored an impressive 7 goals this season already.


The priority lies on keeping an agile Dybala in control on Sunday though. It’s youth vs experience, with a 50-50 chance of one coming out on top. And of course, an important stoppage-time goal for Ramos is just going to make everyone bonkers out there!


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