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WWE Smackdown Highlights: Money In The Bank Build Up

Jinder Mahal at Money in the Bank

Smackdown aired an episode featuring quite a few firsts as the road to Money in the Bank started to gain momentum. Here are the highlights from WWE Smackdown –

Orton vows to regain the WWE Title

Orton returned to Smackdown after missing the live taping last week. Dressed in street clother, the former champion brought up his family’s legacy and claimed it was time for Jinder Mahal to be on the receiving end of an old-fashioned Orton family beat-down.

Champion Mahal appeared on the screen and cut Orton’s monologue short. He went to sprak about his own legacy, including his Indian origins and the struggle of his forefathers during a period of decay. Orton retaliated by saying that he was now going to stop talking and go on to become a 14-time world champion at Money in the Bank. Mahal stared down at the camera while Orton posed in the ring for the fans.

Shane McMahon announces first ever Women’s MITB Match

Five contenders for Naomi’s Women’s Championship participated in a Fatal-Five way match to determing the #1 contender. The match was surprisingly intense and featured high-flying maneuvers from all competitors involved. The exclamation point was Charlotte performing the moonsault on the outside. Becky Lynch hit a Bexploder suplex to Carmella.

The action was fast-paced and the ladies were giving it their all to emerge victorious. Lynch and Natalya went back-and forth while Carmella and Tamina tried to wrestle control of the match away. Charlotte then came back with a big boot on Tamina. With the announcer’s table taken apart, Charlotte nailed a powerbomb on Natalya – sending her through the table.

Shane McMahon came out and addressed the crowd. The bell never rang and McMahon announced the first-ever Money in the Bank ladder match featuring women contestants.

Ziggler beats AJ Styles

Ziggler took the initiative to take the fight to Styles in the early going and shoved him ribs-first into the steel steps. AJ sold the injury as his hometown crowd looked on. AJ quickly turned the tables and took ZIggler with a clothesline and kept going with a sliding forearm. Ziggler countered the Styles Clash, but Styles was not letting the match get away.

The crowd favorite kept control of the match with a back breaker. Ziggler mounted a comeback and connected with a knee. Styles missed a splash in the corner, allowing Ziggler to capitalize with the Zig-Zag, getting a 2 count. Styles locked in the calf crusher, but was not able to get the tap. He went for the Phenomenal Forearm, but Ziggler ducked out. The end came when Ziggler nailed a superkick on Styles and got the pin.

Here is the complete highlights package from WWE Smackdown!

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