5 WWE Wrestlers who would be the perfect opponents for Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle is action

This week in Raw, there was a segment where Kurt Angle was shown a text message by commentator Cory Graves that could potentially ruin his career. This may be leading up to the in-ring return for Kurt Angle, one of the best all round wrestlers in the world, and arguably according to some, one of the best wrestlers of all time.

Let’s take a look at 5 Wrestlers currently with the WWE who would be the perfect opponent for Kurt.


5. AJ Styles:

This is rated low, as it is unlikely to happen, with Styles being a face, as well as being on Smackdown. However were this match to happen it would be one of the best matches ever. Styles and Angle have history from TNA, and this would be the perfect match for Angle to come back to due to the chemistry that they have together. This would make any feud between them just amazing, as well as make the matches events by themselves.


AJ Styles in action


4. Samoa Joe:

Frankly, since coming to the main roster, Joe has not been able to impress truly. The perfect opponent for Joe would be the current Raw general manager Kurt Angle. These two again have history from TNA, and due to the immense talent of both the wrestlers, this would be a match to remember. Angle’s floor wrestling and Joe’s hard hitting grounded style would complement each other perfectly.

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3. Miz:

The Miz is one of the most underrated performers that the WWE has. Any feud that he touches turns to gold, and Miz would be the perfect opponent for Angle’s in-ring return. The promos would be “Awesome” to quote the Miz. The two would go brilliantly together, and this would be the perfect feud for Miz to gather even more heat from.


2. Brock Lesnar:

Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar have had some of the best matches ever in their previous feuds. The Iron Man Match between the two is considered to be one of the top matches of all time. The two also had a memorable match at Wrestlemania. Renewing that feud would be great, with Kurt and Brock having brilliant chemistry together.


Brock Lesnar in the ring


1. Triple H:

Not only is this the most likely feud, it is also the feud that makes the most sense. Kurt has replaced Stephanie and Triple H, both of whom have disappeared from the big screen since Wrestlemania, and there is an obvious axe to grind. Not only that, Triple H and Kurt at Wrestlemania would be something that would attract huge crowds. Old crowds for sheer nostalgia as well as the new fans. Both of them are as amazing on the microphone as in the ring. This would be the feud of the year were it to happen.

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