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WWE RAW Highlights: Extreme Rules Build Up


WWE RAW aired live tonight. The build to Extreme Rules continued on the red brand. Here are the highlights from the night –

Samoa Joe steals a win from Finn Balor

Three of the top superstars of RAW competed in a triple threat match. With the fatal-five way contendership match not far away, all three wrestlers looked to build momentum.

Samoa Joe took the initiative early and set his sights on Balor. Bray Wyatt got his turn with Balor soon, but Joe quickly turned the tables. Going for a suplex on Balor, Joe was hoisted by Wyatt for a powerbomb at the same time.

Balor came back with a slingblade on Wyatt and went for the Coup de Grace. Wyatt was unable to move out of the way and Balor connected with his finishing move. But out of the blue, Joe threw Balor out of the ring and pinned Wyatt to get the win.

The Hardys and Ambrose put on an exhibition

The tag team champions Jeff and Matt Hardy invaded Miz TV along with Miz’s famililar foe Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose. With Sheamus and Cesaro also involved in the mix, a six-man tag match was set.

The baby faces were dominant from the start as Ambrose went after his Extreme Rules opponent The Miz from the starting bell; the same could be said about the Hardys, who made the most of their chance to get the odds of retaining their titles back in their favor.

The ending sequence involved Dean Ambrose hitting Dirty Deeds on Cesaro, allowing Matt Hardy to hit Twist of Fate on the Miz, and Jeff to seal the deal with the Swanton Bomb.

Roman Reigns beats Seth Rollins

Two former members of the Shield went one-on-one as Roman Reigns squared off against Seth Rollins in the main event of Raw. Both superstars are going to fight for the right to be the next opponent to Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules.

The match-up was both physical and psychological due to the history between the two superstars. Rollins relied on his quickness and Reigns banked on his strength as the match progressed. A flurry of strikes in the form of knees and punches exchanged between the superstars. The action spilled to the outside momentarily where Reigns hit his patented Drive-by kick. Rollins successfully reversed the momentum by nailing a picture-perfect suicide dive.

With both men back in the ring, Reigns got the upper hand with a Superman Punch in mid-air, and followed it up with another after Rollins attempted the Buckle Bomb. The game of chess neared its end when Rollins missed the Curb Stomp and allowed Reigns to close-out the contest with the spear.

Here is a complete highlights packed from WWE RAW –

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