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Acing fantasy in reality: An insight into the top 2 FPL performers this season

Aguero celebrates

With over 4.5 million players this season in the Fantasy Premier League (FPL), acing the competition was no less than a steep mountain climb. Unpredictable results and the wide variety of players playing ensured that players found it tough to keep up with it. In the end, only one player is the winner, and it’s the one with the most consistent performances, complimented by calculated point hits and risky transfers.

It was Uwais Ahmed’s team, Fahad XI, which was at the top for the better part of last season.

But the last game week ensured that Ben Crabtree’s FC Crab Dogg triumphed over Uwais with a margin of just 5 points. This led to Fahad’s team finishing in second place.


Performace Stats (Uwais Ahmed vs Ben Crabtree)

Highest score: 187 v 190(GW 37)
Lowest: 35(GW8) v 33(GW 9)

Goals: 123 v 136
Assists: 92 v 75
Clean sheets: 60 v 59
Own goals: 1 v 0
Red cards: 2 v 1
Yellow cards: 49 v 45


Let’s look at some notable moments which led to an exciting finish for the top spot.



Both Crabtree and Ahmed, coincidentally, decided to use the wildcard in GW 6 itself.


FC Crab Dogg

Sergio Aguero was the deciding factor in Ben’s usage of the wildcard.

“Sergio Aguero was just back from suspension, and because he’s so expensive, you’ve got to alter your team a lot to get funds together to buy him, so the wildcard was the best way to do that”

Ben captained Aguero that gameweek and was rewarded with 26 points, with the Argentinian scoring a brace against Swansea. Sanchez and Austin also got him 10+ points, getting his team to 78 points that gameweek.

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Fahad XI

Uwais Ahmed’s thinking was similar to that of Ben here. He bought in Aguero, who he captained and it paid off. He used his wildcard to add Son to his team too, which turned out to be a good move. His point tally that gameweek exceeded Ben’s point tally, with Coutinho, De Bruyne and Son fetching him a host of points to get him to 80 points in total.

This was the third time in 6 gameweeks when he managed to touch the 80 point mark, which was very impressive.



FC Crab Dogg

Sergio Aguero was Ben’s favourite skipper, who was captained 10 times, rendering him an average of 15.7 points. One of crucial captaincy decisions was in during Christmas when there was a lot of rotation. Lack of players prompted Ben to captain Leighton Baines, fancying a clean sheet and extra points due to Baines being a set-piece taker. It paid off as he scored a penalty and kept a clean sheet, fetching 30 points, and entering the top 1000 overall.

The blockbuster move came in the form of Lukaku 4 gameweeks later. The captain netted 4 times against Bournemouth. Hence, it’s understandable that he secured more captaincy points than Ahmed (721 points).


Fahad XI

Alexis Sanchez was Ahmed’s most popular choice, with him being captained 10 times in the season. His blockbuster man was someone else though – Harry Kane. The English striker was captained just 3 times but fetched him a whopping 96 points, with an average of 32 points per game week, which is more than what most players get overall at times. As expected, this decision came in the last 3 gameweeks when Kane was in top form.

Although he didn’t finish with a bang. He netted 629 captaincy points in spite of the Kane saga, which is a shame.



FC Crab Dogg

Ben Crabtree is an Evertonian and his hatred for Liverpool showed in the way he played FPL. He decided to not to use any Liverpool players in his squad. He also exhibited a considerable dislike for Leicester players, though the way they played all season long, his decision stood vindicated.

Ben used 7 Everton and 7 Manchester City players throughout the season. He also used United players often, which was surprising, since they had only two players who performed consistently (Ibrahimovic and De Gea).

The transfers bugged him till the final day though, as he had a total of 32 points subtracted due to extra transfers.


Fahad XI

Arsenal fan Uwais Ahmed enjoyed playing Alexis Sanchez, often captaining him. He averaged 13.1 points per gameweek. He used a wide variety of players unlike Ben, with at least one from every team playing for him this season. McAuley, Walker, Coleman, Sanchez, Alonso and Firmino all managed to feature for Fahad XI more than 20 times. This showed he paid heavy importance to his backline too.

His most popular players came from Manchester City (8 players). Sanchez proved enough for Arsenal we presume, as he only used 3 Arsenal players throughout the season.

His transfer status was better than Ben Crabtree, only taking a 16 point hit, compared to 32 points of Ben.

Uwais used 3-5-2 mostly, which he did 13 times for an average of 61.4 points.



Uwais Ahmed led the field heading into the last gameweek. FC Crab Dogg had 2 free transfers before the last day arrived, and he decided that one of them must be Junior Stanislas, who looked like he would prove helpful against Leicester’s leaky defence. The second was Costa.

Uwais Ahmed decided to transfer in 2 players too, albeit taking a 4-point hit. Both of them were Liverpool players Coutinho and Lallana, who replaced Alli and Sane.

Come the final day, Ahmed decided to ignore his All-Out Attack chip, as Anichebe wasn’t going to prove useful for the side.

Both players scored high and crucial points in the defence and attack region, but Ben Davies was the deciding factor in this victory for Crabtree. His goal against Hull City gave him 8 points, which Fahad XI’s defence, which had been impressive most of the season, disappointed.

What a battle it was! Only 3 points separated both teams as the final whistles blew and the EPL came to an end. FC Crab Dogg won the battle 97-94 against his rival, taking him 5 points ahead of Fahad XI and winning the title.


Congrats to both players for acing FPL 2016/2017. Ben is keen on defending his title come August.

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