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Warriors sweep Spurs aside as they head into their third straight NBA Final

Steph Curry dribbles

Warriors are 12-0 in the playoffs

The Golden State Warriors swept the Spurs 4-0 as they lifted the Western Conference trophy and made it to the NBA finals for the third consecutive time.  The Spurs, with stars Kawhi Leonard, Tony Parker and David Lee out through injury couldn’t stand a chance against a relentless Warriors team who are now 27-0 since Klay Thompson signed that toaster. Coach Pop had only praise for the Warriors saying they deserved more credit than they have been getting. The Spurs though, had a tough time, Greg Popovich wasn’t too displeased with them, “When you get seven new guys and you play for the first time without Timmy’s leadership, to win 61 games and play well through the first round, the second round, and the beginning of the Conference Finals here, I think they did a fine job for themselves.”



The AT&T centre erupted in chants of “Manu, Manu” towards the end of the game showing their eternal love for Manu Ginobili, who could’ve played his last NBA game. The Argentinian has played 15 seasons with the Spurs and has won 4 championships with the Big Trio that included Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and himself. Throughout his career, he has never cheated on a game, never rested and never held back, always had a fight in him. He played every game as if it were a game 7 of the Finals and that was evident in Game 4 yesterday as he looked like the only Spur with some heart left in him. A poor run of performances from their all-star LaMarcus Aldridge only heightened their defeat as he looked tired and about to give up on the team.


By completing the sweep over the Cavs, the Warriors now go up 12-0 in the playoffs. They are the first team to go 12-0 up in their run to the finals after the playoff rounds became best of 7. Apart from the players who have shown massive determination, you have to give credit to Mike Brown, assistant coach, who has filled in for Steve Kerr after he was ruled due to illness. Mike brown and his team have done a commendable job, working at both ends of the floor. GSW have averaged the most points per game this season and in the playoffs. Curry and Durant have been in full MVP mode in the finals with Curry averaging 31.5/4.7/6 on 56.4/46.7/89.5 shooting.  But one of the surprise turnarounds has been Javale McGee, the two-time Shaqtin MVP, who was once thought to be athletic but dumb has proved everyone wrong with his great finishing around the rim and amazing shot-blocking ability. He has become the force in the paint to complement Curry and Durant. This is will be his first finals appearance and he’s looking forward to smashing the rim.

The NBA finals will be an amazing matchup, with Cleveland being the clear favourites to win the Eastern Conference as they lead the series 3-1 against a Celtics squad without their star Isaiah Thomas. We will have to wait and watch.

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