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WWE Smackdown Highlights featuring Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal at the Money in the bank pay per view

WWE Smackdown aired its first episode after Backlash in what proved to be a very entertaining night for the blue brand Here are the highlights from WWE Smackdown –

Nakamura and Styles emerge victorious

At the start of the show, Shane McMahon came out and announced the five participants of the Money in the Bank Ladder match: Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura, Baron Corbin and AJ Styles. United States Champion Kevin Owens did not take kindly to the fact that he beat Styles and yet was not included in the match. Shane agreed and followed through with the request.

Later on in the night, the team of Ziggler and Owens went up against AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura. The crowd favorites Styles and Nakamura were dominant in the early exchanges. Ziggler and Nakamura picked up where they had left off on Sunday. Styles got a hot-tag and cleaned house.

Owens hit the Cannon Ball. Towards the end, Nakamura had Ziggler set up for the finish, but Owens pushed him aside; Styles nailed the Pele Kick on Owens; Ziggler took out Styles with the SuperKick. This left Nakamura with the opportunity to clock the Kinshasa on Ziggler, which was enough to seal the win.

Corbin demolishes Zayn after loss

Baron Corbin and Zayn exchanged barbs when they shared the same ring in the opening segment. Corbin called Zayn’s win at Backlash a fluke. Zayn offered to proved him wrong in another match.

Corbin and Zayn engaged in a few quick reversals in the early going, but Zayn rolled Corbin up to get the surprisingly quick win. Corbin was frustrated with his second loss in three days, and took it out on Zayn in the form of a vicious attack.

Using a steel chair to tilt the odds in his favor, Corbin carried Zayn to the stage area to continue assault. The crowd looked on shocked while Corbin continued to dole out blow-after-blow to a defenseless Zayn. This will be addressed the following week.

The women get their revenge on the Welcoming Committee; new contender for Naomi to be decided

The team of Becky Lynch and Charlotte beat Natalya and Carmella in what was a back-and-forth contest. Lynch was eager to get back to her winning ways after a string of losses ever since losing the Women’s title earlier in the year. Charlotte backed her up admirably and Becky was able to lock in the Disarm Her on Carmella to pick up the win.

Later on in the show, all the participants and Tamina approached Shane McMahon to present their case to be the new No.1 contender. A fatal-five match was announced for next week, with the winner going on to face Naomi for the title at Money in the Bank.

Jinder Mahal celebrates his heritage and monumental title win

Jinder Mahal defeated Randy Orton at Backlash to become the new WWE Champion. The Indian themed celebration was kicked off by traditional Punjabi dancers donning colorful clothing. The Singh brothers came out to signal the arrival of the champion. Mahal berated the audience for booing him and went on to give a message to his people back in India, claiming to have fulfilled his promise of living up to his destiny.

Here are the complete highlights package from WWE Smackdown!

WWE Smackdown 5/23/2017 Highlights HD – WWE Smackdown Live 23rd May 2017 Highlights HD

Smackdown Quick Hits: The show opened with Shane McMahon Owens took issue with some of the participants in Money in the Bank Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair defeated Carmella and Natalya Sami Zayn defeated Baron Corbin Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers had their Punjabi Celebration for Mahal becoming the WWE Champion.

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