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Alexander Zverev – “Rafael Nadal favourite to win French Open”

Alexander Zverev and Rafael Nadal after their match

Alexander Zverev, after a delighting and triumphing performance against the World no.2, Novak Djokovic, in the Italian Open title, won his maiden ATP 1000 Masters Title in Rome, surprisingly in his first attempt. He stunned the Serb in a straight set match, 6-4, 6-3, who now seems to be catching up with his old self after a good run in Rome, making it to the finals, crossing all the hurdles in his way.

Zverev, after the win, acknowledged the popularity of Rafael Nadal in winning the French Open. He insisted the Spaniard still being in the box-seat for the run to the French Open title, despite the likes of the “recovering” World No.2.

Alexander ZverevWhen asked about it he said,” No, Nadal is definitely remains the favourite for winning the title, a strong favourite.”

Though, he didn’t fail to acknowledge others to cater a tough competetion to the title race. He postulated saying, ” For the others, it’s going to be quite open. I think Novak is back to playing his normal game again. Also, Dominic Thiem has been showing some great performances lately.”

In conjuction with others, the German does excogitates about himself, recognizing himself as potential fighter for the French Open, after his “chichanery” win over the Serb. Speaking of his odds he said,“I just won here, so I doomed to put myself on this list, even though I don’t want to sound like a self-appraising person, but I will surely put myself up there.”

Nadal still remains the favourite, despite his appalling loss at Rome in the quarters where he squandered to the aggressiveness of Dominic Thiem, losing in straight sets. Nadal has had an impressive performance on clay, expunging the defeat at Rome, he won at Barcelona, Monte Carlo Masters a

Rafael Nadal smacks a forehand winner

nd even Madrid. He seems to be in a form to compete for the crown in a short while given his form doesn’t take deep dip. The Spaniard, a 10 time Barcelona and Monte Carlo champion, is now looking to cement his place in history , setting his revenous eyes on the “decima” at French Open.

Additionally, Djokovic seemingly is on a track to return to his old form, after putting in some great performances at Rome and now shaking hands with the legendary Andre Agassi, appointing him as his new coach. The Serb would be defending his French Open title this year, against some formidable forces in Rafael Nadal, Dominic Thiem and the rising ATP star Alexander Zverev, who made a point, not to be taken for granted after thrashing the Serb for the title.

It remains of keen interest to see what tide of events take place at France, despite Nadal being the favourite. Thiem and Zverev are on their rise while the new Djokovic-Agassi pair-up would be a surprise bomb to look out for. And who knows, there might be a jolting winner waiting for us at the end?

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