WWE Backlash Highlights: Jinder Mahal crowned WWE Champion!

Jinder Mahal at WWE Smackdown
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WWE Backlash is in the books. Following are the highlights from the evening –

Nakamura impresses on debut

Shinsuke Nakamura took on Dolph Ziggler in his first match since being called up to the main roster. The high-flying superstar was quick to utilize his speed and striking to control the vast majority of the match. Ziggler did not go away quietly and came back with his own moves – hitting two Zig-Zags to take away the momentum.

Bur in the end, Nakamura got the win after nailing the Kinshasa.

The Welcoming Committee defeats Charlotte, Becky and Naomi

The villainous stable of Natalya, Carmella and Tamina Snuka were victorious against three former world champions in Becky, Charlotta and Naomi. The match was a back-and-forth affair, with both teams having the edge for significant portions of the match. The brute force of Tamina, the technical prowess of Natalya and Carmella’s innovative offense was enough to win them the contest. Natalya made Becky tap-out to the sharpshooter to seal the deal. The individual rivalries stemming from the match will be the center of attention moving forward.

Owens outsmarts Styles

Kevin Owens made his first United States championship defense at WWE Backlash after he was drafted to Smackdown a few weeks ago. AJ Styles had been vying for the title ever since winning a contenders’ match. Both men were quick to show their desperation to lay claim to the US title from the opening bell. With the crowd behind Styles, the Phenomenal One did not disappoint and took the attack to Owens with quick strikes and reversals. Owens’ strategy was to capitalize on Styles’s injured leg; the prize fighter was intent on rendering Styles unable to continue.

Styles came back and hit a suplex on the apron. The action spilled to the outside and Styles had Owens in position to nail the Styles Clash on the announce-table. But Owens countered and trapped Styles’ leg in the opening of the table. He went back to the ring while the referee counted Styles out.

Jinder Mahal beats Randy Orton to become the WWE Champion

Randy Orton took on Jinder Mahal in his first title defense since Wrestlemania. The contest featured a new challenger: Jinder Mahal. The match was not going to be predictable affair, as was made evident by the two superstars showing no remorse from the opening bell. Orton – the seasoned veteran – was quick to read the pace of the match and took the action to the outside momentarily. He used his effective strikes to hold the advantage. But Jinder came back with impressive maneuvers and turned the tables on the champion.

Both men arrived at a stalemate, with neither man on feet. In the end, the Singh Brothers proved to be the difference. Orton hit the RKO on Jinder, but the brother came to his rescue – pulling him out before Orton could go for the pin.

Orton turned his attention to the brothers and neutralized them with some signature offense from the Viper, but that allowed Jinder to sneak up from behind and hit the Khallas to pin Orton and become the new WWE Champion.

Here are the complete highlights –

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