The 10 Worst Hairstyles To Ever Be Sported By Football Athletes

Real Madrid and England footballer David Beckham

Footballers in the recent decade or two have always been the talk of the town due to the sheer status they bring not only in terms of their on-pitch work but also their off-pitch styles and fancies. Modern football has gone through a substantial change with money, fashion and sponsorships playing a massive role in how teams and players work in today’s world. When you talk about fashion and style, it results in giving you something that is lustrous or something that is utterly hideous.

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Today, football is associated with an array of antics from tattoos, to million dollar wardrobes, to extreme hair styles. Football has it all when it comes to making a style statement. Players have always managed to have their hair become a part of their personal story, but the outcomes have often been disastrous. These footballers with bad hair will go down in history as some who have sported some of the worst hairstyles in all times of the beautiful game.





The former Manchester United star is famously known for his good looks so much so as to being touted to be the next James Bond. Beckham has been associated with some of the top brands in the World and has also made his Hollywood debut in recent times. The former England international is known for his style quotient but something went miserably wrong when the legendary No 7 went on to sport a mohawk. No wonder Sir Alex Ferguson told him to shave it off before he took field for the Red Devils. Well Done Sir Alex!



Sir Bobby is certainly one of the best footballers the footballing world has ever seen. A legend both for his country and his club, Sir Bobby set the bar on the pitch so high that very few would notice anything else. But we in today’s times certainly aren’t like the ones before. There’s something about Manchester United’s top scorers and their hair issues . Charlton’s locks were swept clean from one side to another but it wouldn’t stay still once he took charge on the field. Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant scenario was not an option back then but Elvis Presley’s gel could have certainly kept Charlton’s hair on one side.



The Swedish International was once a pivotal member for Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal and was a major player in their invinsible fairytale. The mercurial No. 8 scored 46 goals for the Gunners. Though Ljunjberg has gone on to headline brands like Calvin Klein, back then he looked like a certain punk rock band member. Spotting him on the field was not the toughest of jobs thanks to his spiked up hair topped with a pink colour-do.



Carlos Valdrema was undoutedly Colombia’s best football player. Valdrema acted as the team’s captain when his country was at its worst plight due to narco-terrorism.  The midfielder is slightly less remembered for leading his national team to three World Cup appearances than for his Sideshow Bob-like perm. Today’s poor man’s Valderema = Marounne Fellaini.



The Cameroon legend holds the record for being the youngest player to be sent off at a World Cup game(1994, at age 17). Going blonde is definitely not today’s style but it was clearly evident back then too and Rigobert Song was a major specimen of that. Blonde Dreadlocks combined with blonde beard ? Who do you think you are? Thor? It’s best we leave the all blonde combination to Chris Hemsworth.



As far as everyone knows, Brazil has never been a major victim to electrical cuts and outages which makes it hard to understand Ronaldo’s hairdo. Alas! But no reason could cover up the Brazillian’s abysmal hairdo he showed us at the 2002 World Cup. It though proved to be lucky for him as Brazil ended up being crowned Champions of the World with him bagging the Golden Boot.



The French International proved to be quite a useful servant for Arsene Wenger at right back. The French defender is known for his tireless defending and his pin-point crosses but what makes him stand out was his parted-braids-with-frosty-tips hairdo. The braids certainly looked like a pair of Adidas Yeezy laces. Gone are those days now. Having joined Manchester City, sitting on the bench indeed kicked some sense with him sporting the faded buzz cut now.



What is it with Arsenal players and their hairstyles. Another shining example in Arsenal’s weird hair-do club is Gervinho. When it comes to braids that sprout like a giant spider, Gervinho gets the call. The thin hairband never added anything positive to his case but instead worsened it. Now at China where the money has finally kicked in, Gervinho has been sporting a much bigger hairband that somewhat makes his situation look better.



The Nigerian International has been quite a traveller in his footballing career. Having played for 11 clubs in his career, most notably at Inter and at Milan, its hard to understand why no one even gave him the slightest hint that he was growing creepers instead of hair. It could be that West had a quarrel with Poison Ivy in which he was defeated leaving him exposed to her venom leading to the creepers growing. That’s the only reason that justifies this hair-do.



The Brazillian is indeed one of the most decorated full-backs in footballing history having won a raft of honours at his time at Barcelona. Alves is also to feature in this season’s UEFA Champions League Final with his side Juventus where he has enjoyed a stellar campaign. Dani Alves at his prime was said to have everything a perfect full-back required. Though in terms of career highlights, the goods certainly weighed more than that of his bad hairdo, but he certainly will never get away with this. When images of the cut surfaced, it didn’t take long for the look to be unfavourably compared with, well, a poo icon.  A crime against haircuts had clearly occurred.

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