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Top 10 WWE celebrity associations – Part 1

Snoop Dogg and WWE superstar Hulk Hogan

There is no denying that WWE has a major impact and influence on American culture and also on the minds of millions of children worldwide. Mothers from every corner of the world have the constant fear that her child is going to RKO their sibling into the bed or pick them up and F5 them into the swimming pool. WWE’s reach, popularity and the ability to relate to their audiences is something many organizations wish they had.

So it is obvious that celebrities and Superstars from around the world want to get some piece of this very profitable pie. Icons and pioneers from different backgrounds be it sports, cinema or politics have used the WWE to market themselves and their ventures.

As every partnership is a two-way street the WWE also benefits hugely from such associations. It enables them to tap into an unique audience and following that the celebrity brings with himself and additionally, it allows them to add some spice into their own storyline.

Following are WWE’s top 10 cross-associations with celebrities

#10 – Wayne Rooney                

This Bizarre feud has its roots from when Preston North End fan Wade Barrett accused Wayne Rooney on Twitter of diving to win a penalty in an FA cup win against his dear team. So when WWE Raw came to Manchester it was obvious that sparks were going to fly.

When Barrett saw Rooney on the front row he began taunting him to get into the ring for some action. He then cheekily added that he doesn’t want to embarrass him in front of his son. Barrett eventually confronted the Manchester United captain and prodded him on the chest. In response the England star slapped Barrett to the delight of the crowd.

Wayne Rooney Appears On WWE RAW & Slaps Wade Barrett !! CRAZY SCENES!!

Wayne Rooney Appears On WWE RAW & Slaps Wade Barrett !! CRAZY SCENES!! Courtesy of WWE Please like the video and share wherever you can!

#9 – Rob Gronkowski –

What do they say? It’s not what you know but who you know. Just ask winner of the Wrestlemania 33 Andre the giant memorial winner – Mojo Rawley.  Rawley, a former green Bay packer was helped by ‘the gronk’ to train for the showdown.

During the climax of the competition Jinder Mahal ventured out of the ring and had an altercation with Gronkowski and threw a cup of water on his face. Gronkowski, being the jock that he is, entered the ring and tackled Mahal and helped Rawley achieve the biggest moment in his career.

Rob Gronkowski WWE Wrestlemania 33 Moment, helps Mojo Rawley to win Battle Royal in Wrestling

Rob Gronkowski from the New England Patriots, involving in the andre the giant memorial battle royale to help mojo rawley to win the battle. Wrestlemania 33 Moment, Highlights and Results!

#8 – Snoop Dogg

Raw has a fine history of glamorous guest hosts and it surely doesn’t come any glamorous than Snoop Dogg. The American rapper was chosen to be the guest host for October 2009 edition of Monday night Raw and it was an all round party.

When hornswoggle was being bullied by Chavo Guerrero out came Snoop Dogg to defend the mischievous dwarf. After a series of taunts from Chavo, Snoop speared him into the mat delighting the crowd. And in true Snoop Dogg style, the music played and out came a bunch of divas who danced together with him in the ring.

WWE: Snoop Dogg vs. Chavo Guerrero (RAW – 10.19.09)

Snoop Dogg vs. Chavo Guerrero (RAW – 10.19.09)

#7 – Hugh Jackman

When your son does not recognise you from the countless wolverine movies you have done but because you appeared this one time on Raw means you did something right. Ask Hugh Jackman. Hugh Jackman guest starred in the September 2011 edition of Monday night Raw.

He was an accomplice of Zack Ryder joining him at ringside during his match with United States champion Dolph Ziggler. The Aussie superstar punched Ziggler while the referee wasn’t looking and helped Ryder win the match up.

Wwe Hugh Jackman Punches Dolph Ziggler – Raw Supershow – 19 Sep 2011

Wwe Raw Supershow – 20 September 2011 Hugh Jackman Punches Dolph Ziggler In Face

#6 – Ronda Rousey

Before her fall from grace Ronda Rousey was quite simply the queen of the world.  Rousey enjoyed Multiple commercial deals, movie appearances and being considered undoubtedly the greatest female fighter in the world. So during the course of promoting a movie with the Rock, Rousey ended up on the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania 31.

During the segment the Rock was being challenged by the first couple of the WWE, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Just so he doesn’t have to put his hands on the lady Rock called for backup.  Enter Ronda Rousey. “Rowdy” as she is popularly known ended up slamming Triple H and nearly breaking Stephanie’s arm. The couple retreated while the Rock howled his trademark “If you smell, what the Rock and Ronda are cooking?! ”

Wrestlemania 31

Ronda Rousey and the Rock

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