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Twitter Reacts after Rafael Nadal shows fantastic sportsmanship!

Rafael Nadal checks on Nicolas Almagro

Rafael Nadal is known for his sportsmanship and it was again on display recently when he faced fellow Spaniard Nicolas Almagro at the Rome Open.

The crowd didn’t see much of Nadal’s skills against Almagro, but they did see a lovely gesture from the star. When Almagro began to feel his knee injury, Nadal approached him to check he was okay.

He then walked with his compatriot as Almagro began walking back to his chair. Nadal also clapped his opponent as he exited the court.

Nadal first checks whether Almagro is fine

Tennis TV on Twitter

He is a great champion, but @RafaelNadal is also a great sport too….👍 #ibi17

Then acknowledges his effort

Tennis TV on Twitter

We wish @NicoAlmagro a speedy recovery! 💪 #ibi17

Fans then reacted to Nadal’s amazing gesture!

Stef R on Twitter

@TennisTV @NicoAlmagro And Rafa never left his side. Very classy

RWP on Twitter

@TennisTV @NicoAlmagro Soo sorry it ended like this for you. Speedy recovery. And Rafa stayed by your side. Great sportsmanship.

niallmccarthy on Twitter

@TennisTV @NicoAlmagro Class act Nadal (again)

Andy Barclay on Twitter

@TennisTV @TheTennisTalker @RafaelNadal Love the way @RafaelNadal genuinely cares about him!!!

Julie on Twitter

@TennisTV @RafaelNadal Rafa your concern for you friend is a credit to you and your family❤️🇬🇧🎾

Diego Trevino on Twitter

@TennisTV @ATPWorldTour @RafaelNadal Brings tears to my eyes to see a player get injure and Rafas gesture more, good to see people do the right thing….😥😊

Janey on Twitter

@TennisTV @RafaelNadal So nice of Rafa.

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