Rafael Nadal: “I won’t miss Roger Federer in Madrid”

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal arrived at the Mutua Madrid Open with an amazing clay court record so far, winning the Monte Carlo Open and the Barcelona Open.


Ecstatic at returning to the La Caja Magica in Madrid, Nadal is looking forward to playing the only Masters Event in Spain.

“It’s one of my favourite tournaments of the year because the local fans have shown unconditional support throughout my career, helping me overcome extremely delicate situations,” Nadal said.

“Madrid is a motivation for me. Hopefully you’ll see the best version of Rafa, but nobody knows which Rafa will show up.”

Speaking about the secret to a longing career in tennis, Nadal said, “I think having a healthy ambition is positive.”

“One must try to improve a certain aspect of his game every day at practice. Furthermore, an athlete must really be into his sport in order to persevere day in and day out.”I believe I’ve managed to stay at the top of the game because I’ve never lost hope, I’ve always had passion to become a better player.”My goal is to remain in the circuit for as long as I can.”

Rafael Nadal after a win at the Mutua Madrid Open

Pressure gets on to everyone at the highest level of any sport and the Spaniard mentioned that it’s almost impossible to stay calm. “Whoever says he doesn’t get nervous is lying,” he said.“Pressure is an inherent part of sports, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun without it.”

Nadal said that he is relieved Roger Federer is not participating in the 2017 Mutua Madrid Open after three consecutive defeats to the Swiss this season.“Obviously, I won’t miss Federer in the draw but it’s always a pity for the fans when he doesn’t enter a tournament,” he concluded.

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