WATCH: The Battle of Surfaces, the iconic Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal clash

Battle of the Surfaces

10 years back, the clash of titans – Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal took place in a Battle of surfaces exhibition.

What was so special about this match? Well it was played on a half grass court and a half clay court! An iconic yet interesting clash between the King of Clay taking on the King of Hard took place on the Spanish Island of Palma, Majorca.

“It’ll be fun to find out what it’s like to play on a court with mixed surfaces,” Federer said. “And it ought to be interesting to see who chooses the better tactic.”

With the organizers needing almost three weeks and more than $1.5 million to create the court, which divided the court into half grass and half clay.

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With almost 7,000 fans watching the match at the Palma Arena, the Battle of the Surfaces still happens to be one of the most interesting concepts for an exhibition match.

Watch the highlights of this iconic clash!

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