Happy Birthday David Beckham: A look at some of his best free kicks

Happy Birthday David Beckham

An iconic figure with an athletic built, combined with his crisp crossing, sharp vision and lovely finishes, David Beckham was easily noticeable on a football pitch. But what became an iconic trait he possessed, and was associated with, was his speciality on a dead ball. His free kicks were amazing, admirable and will be remembered for generations to come.

As we wish David a Happy Birthday, who turns 42 today, we’ve compiled 7 of his most memorable free kicks.

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Happy birthday #Legend happy birthday David Beckham! #mufc

Everton vs Manchester United, 2003

David Beckham at the prime of his career

Manchester United vs Barcelona, 1998

Peach of a free kick from a very young David Beckham in the group stages of the UCL. This was the season United won the treble

Real Madrid vs Sevilla, 2006

Pick that one out!

Marseille vs Real Madrid, 2003

His first European goal for Real Madrid

England vs Ecuador, 2006

No wonder he was called ‘The Sniper’

Manchester United vs Real Madrid, 2003

Almost single-handedly eliminated Real Madrid, he scored 2 goals after he came on as a sub. One of them was a free kick which he describes as “one of the best in his career”

England vs Greece, 2001

Undoubtedly top of the lot, England needed to score to qualify for the group stages of the 2002 World Cup. What followed was probably Beckham’s highlight of his amazing career.

Don’t miss this video from the Englishman, casually shooting the football into a bin on a windy day at the beach, something most can’t do even when serious


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David Beckham is not human

Happy Birthday David Beckham! Football misses you.

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