Highlights from WWE RAW – April 24 feat. Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor

Finn Balor in action

WWE Raw continued to build toward Payback with another episode tonight. Here are the highlights from the action –

Dean Ambrose makes peace offering to Jericho; Wyatt makes RAW debut

Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose presented Chris Jericho with a brand new light-up jacket. The Miz and Maryse came out and voiced their displeasure. The Lunatic Fringe then proceeded to deliver Dirty Deeds on Miz while Chris Jericho added Maryse to the List of Jericho.



Later on in the evening, Miz was asked to find a partner to go up against Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose, but the Miz was unsuccessful. The match started as a handicap match. Jericho and Ambrose had the upper hand for the majority of the contest and Ambrose hit a vicious clothesline midway and Jericho followed it up with a Lionsault. But towards the end, Bray Wyatt made his debut and attacked Ambrose and hit him with a Sister Abigail on top of the table. Miz and Wyatt double-teamed Jericho and sealed the assault with a Sister Abigail in the centre of the ring.


Rollins, Cass and Balor beat Joe and the Club



After Enzo Amore was unable to compete in the tag match scheduled for the evening, Finn Balor was announced as the new partner for Rollins and Big Cass. Rollins’ Payback opponent Samoa Joe and the Club rounded out the other team. The face team controlled most of the match with their quick pace and Balor contributed with his fast-paced moves. Rollins won the match for his team by nailing Anderson with a big knee to the face, after deciding against the Pedigree.


Alexa Bliss chooses the easy way out

Alexa Bliss went 1-on-1 with Sasha Banks. The Boss attacked Alexa Bliss before the match and then held the advantage for the remainder of the contest. Bliss bailed on the match, much to the displeasure of RAW Women's Champion, Bayley. With Bliss scheduled to challenge for the title at Payback, Banks looked to insert herself in the title picture with an impressive showing but was robbed of the opportunity of doing so. Bliss ambushed Bayley with a sneak attack to end the segment.


Braun Strowman has a setback before Payback



Kalisto challenged Strowman to a dumpster match offending the latter by the situation. But Kalisto responded with his typically fast-paced action. With Reigns still out of action, Strowman looked to continue his winning ways. Kalisto had other ideas and recorded an upset victory over Strowman by pushing him into the dumpster at ringside. After the match, Strowman went on the offensive once again and locked Kalisto inside the dumpster. To end the segment, Strowman rolled the dumpster off the stage.



Image credit: WWE

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