The Best and Worst Moments of WWE Smackdown feat. Jinder Mahal and AJ Styles

After the Superstar Shakeup, Smackdown Live has an amazing roster, and this week's show saw each of those stars find their feet in their new home. With the Smackdown pay-per-view coming up fast, each and every feud needed to be set up from the beginning.

In this write up I will rate each segment between +5 to -5.


1. Charlotte demands a Title opportunity: +2

Charlotte opened the show, demanding a title opportunity for the Smackdown Women's Title. She was interrupted by Naomi, with whom she had a back and forth brawl till Shane announced that she will have to earn her opportunity in a match later in the night for the Number One Contendership.


2. Six Pack Challenge Match of the Number 1 Contendership for WWE Championship: +1

In a match which had more spots than anything, each superstar got in a large amount of their own offence. Luke Harper and Sami Zayn looked the most impressive in the match, while Mojo looked good too. In the end however, there was some sort of interference, as two people hooked Sami's legs thereby letting Jinder pick up the win and become the new number one contender.


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3. Charlotte vs Naomi [Number One Contendership Match]: -4

In a match to decide whether Charlotte will face Naomi next week for the WWE Women's Smackdown Championship, Charlotte put on a great performance as is expected from her. Naomi gave her all, but after Charlotte avoided the rear view, and hit Naomi with the Natural Selection it was over.

The match itself was extremely boring.



4. American Alpha vs Primo and Epico: -2

Primo and Epico made their debut in the ring in Smackdown against American Alpha. Primo and Epico were dominated by Chad Gable and Jason Jordan for most of the match, but it was when the back of the referee was turned that Primo and Epico took advantage and won the match with a roll up.


5. Kevin Owens "Face of America" Open Challenge: +3

Kevin Owens defeated a local wrestler in his open challenge within seconds. He remains the Face of America.



6. AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin: +4

Corbin seemed to have AJ Styles number in this match, and countered most of the offence that Styles brought forward in the beginning of the match. In the latter half of the match though, Styles used his experience to take down Corbin. Corbin was impressive with a Chokeslam Backbreaker. The match ended in a count out, when after a Deep Six, Styles took the match outside and knocked Corbin into the crowd with a forearm.

This Smackdown saw the stars from the Superstar Shakeup settling down into Smackdown. It had a +4 rating with the show being held down by the absence of Becky and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Image source: @WWE/Twitter

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