Paulo Dybala: The Night in Turin when Prince Charming Outshone the Eternal King

Messi was world's best by the time he was 23. Paulo Dybala is quite not the world beater yet but he surely took major steps to becoming a great footballer of his generation. Messi by no means had a bad game, he was like a maestro trying to get his crew sing in harmony while the crew more often than not huffed and puffed to produce the goods.

Dybala was in a game of his own. He dismissed Mascherano every time he found his Argentinean team-mate in the vicinity. He turned Pique inside out like a toast fresh out of the oven for his first goal. Within 22 minutes, it was déjà vu for the Blaugrana fans as the left-footed Juventus superstar let out a first-time shot from the edge of the box to beat Ter Stegen.  He had a brace and was looking good for more.



Throughout the match, he was a nuisance to the Barcelona defence. Yesterday, Dybala stepped out from the lengthy shadows of Serie A to the Europe.

The first goal was typical Dybala’s goal as he received the ball from Cuadrado with his back to the goal from right byline, turned inside the box (Attn Barcelona Defenders: Defending class 101: Don’t let the attacker turn towards goal).



Pogba saw this years ago when he nicknamed his former teammate “R2 Squared”, for that is the key combination to do what Dybala did on the pitch yesterday in play station. And honestly, it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Dybala passed the audition to be the, should we dare say “Next Messi”. But doing it on a consistent basis, now that is where legends are made. But one thing is for certain, we will be seeing a lot of “R2 Squared” for a long time.

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