Highlights from WWE RAW – April 10 feat Superstar Shakeup

With Wrestlemania season officially over, WWE looked to continue the momentum with the superstar shake-up. Here are the highlights from WWE Raw from April 10 –

Dean Ambrose and Miz headed over to Raw

Two superstars engaged in a heated rivalry are now part of the RAW roster. Miz and Ambrose are likely to clash on the red brand. Miz along with his wife Maryse came out dressed as John Cena and Nikki Bella. Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose made his way out and welcomed them to RAW. Once Maryse took off her wig, he proceeded to attack Miz to end the segment.



Seth Rollins to stay on RAW

Seth Rollins came out to a huge positive reaction from the crowd and speculated whether he should switch over to the blue brand. He vowed to fight to stay on RAW. GM Kurt Angle revealed that Stephanie McMahon wanted Rollins gone, but said as long as he was the GM, Rollins would have a home on RAW. Samoa Joe cut their talk short and ambushed Rollins to plant the seeds for a feud in the near future.



Bray Wyatt joins the Red Brand

After Finn Balor’s match against Jinder Mahal – which saw the Demon King emerge victoriously – Bray Wyatt appeared on the titantron and announced his arrival on RAW. He put the entire locker room on notice and foreshadowed his upcoming House of Horrors match against Randy Orton at Payback.

Braun Strowman sends Roman Reigns to the hospital



Braun Strowman interrupted Michael Cole’s interview with Roman Reigns and brutally attacked the Big Dog to renew their unresolved issues, dating back to Wrestlemania. Strowman took Roman by surprise and started throwing him around the locker room area. Roman was sent through tables, pushed into walls and thrown on technical equipment by the monstrous Strowman. But he was not done – Strowman rolled Reigns’ stretcher off the stage. To cap off the onslaught, Strowman turned the ambulance over, with Reigns inside it.

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