WWE RAW: Top 5 trades to expect from the Superstar Shakeup

With the Superstar Shakeup coming up tomorrow, there is a lot of speculation as to who are the stars who will be changing their brands. There are several who have stagnated and a change in brand would help immensely to liven things up.

Here are the top 5 stars who might be traded this week:


Sami Zayn:

Sami Zayn has been languishing in Raw. A superstar of amazing talents, he has been one of the most underused stars on the Raw roster. He was fed to one superstar after the other, it is finally time for him to get the push that he so obviously deserves. The best place for him is the land of opportunities – Smackdown. On the blue brand, he would immediately become one of the top babyfaces. The brand is sorely in the need of top faces with the likes of Cena leaving. Sami would be perfect for an Intercontinental Title match run.


The New Day:

The New Day has done all that there is to be done on Raw. They are one of the top tag teams and are still extremely entertaining. They would be the perfect addition to the Blue brand. With the Blue brand’s tag team divisions being one of the only things that has not gone over at all, the New Day arriving on the scene would liven things up no end. They would also get fresh new opponents, something they are in sore need off.



Becky Lynch:

It is time for the four horsemen to be reunited finally. Becky arriving on Raw would be the perfect addition to Raw’s Women Roster. With the same Sasha and Charlotte and Bayley feud seemingly having gone on for centuries, she would be a welcome addition to the Women’s division shaking things up completely as the others would have to adjust to her arrival.

Her arriving on Raw would create some interesting dynamics indeed as Becky is no doubt one of the most talented women performers that WWE have currently.


Seth Rollins:

One of the biggest possible moves that seems extremely likely to happen at the moment is Seth Rollins going to Smackdown. Somehow or the other ever since his return from injury, his push did not take off at all. This resulted in him getting bogged down in the same old fights every week. He needs a definite change to freshen up his character and his aim totally. The way he could be booked on the Blue brand might do wonders for his character.



AJ Styles:

AJ Styles has been the name that everyone has been whispering. There have been backstage rumours in WWE that Vince wants AJ on Raw as well. AJ has more or less done everything on Smackdown, but after the arrival of Nakamura, the fans don’t really want AJ to leave Smackdown due to the quality of the match that the two could put on together.

If AJ comes to Raw, it will be interesting to see how he is booked and whom he faces, as a programme against Balor would be extremely interesting; the two leaders of Bullet Club who never faced each other.

Image source: @IStanAJStyles/Twitter

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