Best and Worst Moments of this week’s WWE Smackdown

Bray Wyatt in action

This was the first Smackdown Live after Wrestlemania. With things ready to be shaken up next week, this was the last chance to put old feuds to rest. The show saw Wrestlemania rematches and post Wrestlemania returns.

In this write up I will rate each segment between +5 to -5. 


1. Bray Attacks Randy Orton: -2

Bray Wyatt attacked Randy after a promo, where it became obvious that Randy was far from done with the Wyatts. Eric Rowan returned to help Bray attack Orton, and Orton had to be saved by a run in from Luke Harper.

It is not clear why Luke Harper would save Orton, who he had so many problems with in the past.


2. Alexa Bliss vs Naomi [c] [WWE Smackdown Women's Title Match]: +1

Alexa and Naomi put on a good match but fell short of really making an impression on the wild raucous crowd. Naomi retained her title and it will be interesting to see where they go from here.


3. Curt Hawkins open challenge ends in a Dillinger Debut: +3

"….give anyone in the locker room till the count of ten.." and obviously it is the debut of Dillinger. A debut which was a long time coming saw Dillinger hit Curt Hawkins with a Tie Breaker.



4. Miz Mocks Cena and Shinsuke Nakamura Debuts: +5

Miz made another mockery of Cena. He mentioned that Cena and Nikki have left WWE to go to Hollywood. The Miz was incredible on the mike as usual.

What stole the show, however, was the debut of Shinsuke Nakamura. His entrance made everyone collectively lose their minds. Finally with Shinsuke, Balor and AJ Styles all on the main roster things are getting more than interesting.



5. Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin [Street Fight]: +3

Corbin won the match but did not win the title as it was not on the line on the night. Ambrose and Corbin put on a chaotic street fight. This feud may yet not be over, but with the Superstar Shake up next week, it is hard to say what will happen.


6. Shane McMahon and AJ Styles: +2

Shane and AJ Styles finally put their differences past them and shook hands. Styles reiterated his desire to stay at Smackdown. This may be hinting at the beginning of a face turn of Styles.


7. Bray Wyatt and Eric Rowan vs Randy Orton and Luke Harper: +2

The four stars put on a showcase, as Harper with his agility and acrobatic ability put on a brilliant match. Orton and Harper as a team were successful, pinning Rowan after hitting him with an RKO.

This Smackdown saw the debut and returns of several stars, and prior to the Superstar Shake up next week, this was an amazing show. It had a +14 rating with the show not really being held down by anything.



Image source: @WWE/Twitter 

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