Highlights from WWE RAW – April 3 feat. Kurt Angle and Finn Balor


The night after Wrestlemania always makes for an exciting episode of RAW and this time was no different. Here are the highlights from the night’s action –


Roman Reigns becomes public enemy no.1



Roman Reigns handed the Undertaker his second loss at Wrestlemania. The huge outburst of anger and irritation from the crowd after the match was evident from the start of the show when the 'Big Dog' came out to address the WWE Universe. The hostile crowd did not allow him to get a word out for over two minutes. Finally, he said, ‘This is my yard now’, and made his exit.


Braun Strowman issues a warning to the beast



Braun Strowman interrupted the new WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar and claimed after he was done with Reigns, and that now he was coming for the title. Lesnar laid the strap on the ground and beckoned Strowman to take it from him. Strowman retreated, but the message was sent loud and clear.


Kurt Angle replaces Mick Foley as General Manager of Raw



With Stephanie McMahon out of commission after last night’s fall through the table and Mick Foley fired in the previous episode of Raw, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon came out and appointed the newest member of the WWE Hall of Fame – Kurt Angle – as the new RAW General Manager. The crowd was pumped and greeted him with affectionate chants of ‘you suck’ – a reference to his theme song tradition.


The Hardy Boyz make their RAW return



Matt and Jeff Hardy came back to RAW to defend their newly-won tag-team titles against the team they beat – The Club. The match was a back-and-forth battle, with both teams coming up with counters for each other’s maneuvers. But in the end, it was the veterans that come out on top – finishing the match with their vintage Twist of Fate-Swanton Bomb combination.


The Demon King Returns



Finn Balor returned to the ring to take on the team of Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe. With Seth Rollins serving as his partner, Finn took the fight to his opponents with his unique offense and almost single-handedly won the match. The inaugural Universal Champion is back and will look to get back the title had to surrender after getting injured.

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