Kohli Demands Further Hike in Pay even after the recent hike in contract amount

Virat Kohli during the anthem

Within weeks of BCCI doubling the amounts of the Central Contracts of the Indian Cricketers, the demand to raise the contract amounts further is making the news.

After a very successful Grand Home Season in which India decimated the likes of New Zealand, England, Bangladesh and Australia, Indian Skipper thought it to be the perfect time to stress the demand for a further pay hike. The head coach of the Indian Team, Anil Kumble also endorses his captain’s take on the pay hike issue.

Kohli recently came to know that the Indian Cricketers are ranked fourth when it comes to the highest paid cricketers in the world. The Players from England, Australia, and South Africa earn much more than their Indian counterparts which prompted Indian Skipper to raise his voice. It is interesting to note that BCCI, last month, doubled the contract amounts which resulted in the likes of Kohli, Dhoni etc. moving from the 1 Cr. Salary cap to the 2 Cr. Cap.

The Indian players, through Captain Kohli, voiced their discontent over the earning disparity as they feel that they are entitled to a much higher amount from the richest Cricket Board in the world. The Players are unhappy about the fact that the likes of Steve Smith, David Warner, and Joe Root earn in the range of 10-12 Crores a year while the highest paid Indian Cricketer receives somewhat between 4-5 crores including the contract amount and match fees despite the BCCI making windfall gains (BCCI’s this year’s surplus was Rs.509.13 Cr).

Kohli also feels the need for a Two-fold contract system – for Tests and ODIs separately. He feels that the two-fold contract system will benefit the players like Cheteshwar Pujara, Murali Vijay etc. who play only the longer format of the game and despite their sheer hard work earned little in the current pay structure. He asked the BCCI to raise the contract amounts to 5 Cr for Grade A, 3 Cr for Garde B and 1.5 Cr for Grade C.

There is a meeting scheduled on April 5 between BCCI officials and the Committee Of Administrators (CoA) in Hyderabad but the agenda of the meeting is already fixed so the pay hike request which has been brought to the notice of CoA will have to wait till the conclusion of IPL. According to reports, the CoA is mulling over the Pay hike request and can consider it which will only be the apt reward for the Indian Cricketers who toil hard for the Country’s as well as BCCI’s dominance over the cricketing arena. 

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