Last Ride for Taker, Lesner gets revenge & other highlights from Wrestlemania 33

WWE’s Wrestlemania 33 is officially in the books. The biggest night in the wrestling calendar was full of riveting action and unprecedented moments. Here’s a rundown of the highlights from the 2017 Wrestlemania –

The Last Ride for the Deadman



In the main event, Undertaker faced Roman Reigns with the winner earning the right to call the ring 'his yard'. The build-up of the match was indicative of the result and rumours suggested that this might be the Undertaker’s final match. The match was full of near-falls as the momentum swung like a pendulum but when Roman Reigns delivered an aerial spear to get the win, it was followed by a hush from the fans perhaps in disbelief but not unsurprising considering his defeat at Wrestlemania 32 which ended his streak. Nevertheless, fans thanked the Undertaker as he raised his fist perhaps for the last time to acknowledge their respect for his career.


Brock Lesnar gets even with Goldberg



After being surpassed by Goldberg at every turn leading into the match, Brock Lesnar was finally able to get revenge. In the short-lived match between the two behemoths, Goldberg was at the receiving end of a flurry of German suplexes. But soon after, he came back with a handful of spears to gain momentum back in his favour. It looked like the subsequent Jackhammer was the end but Lesnar was not going down easy. He roared back and hit the final F5 to pin Goldberg for the victory.


Randy Orton reigns supreme



Randy Orton won his 13th world championship after a gruelling match against Bray Wyatt. The match was dominated by the champion, with Orton powerless to Wyatt’s onslaught. But Orton played Wyatt’s mind games against him and that proved to be the difference-maker. Imagery played a big part in the outcome as Wyatt was distracted by vivid photos of roaches – which allowed the Viper to capitalise and hit the winning RKO.


Kevin Owens wins the United States title from Jericho



Kevin Owens capped a year-long program with Chris Jericho and announced his arrival to the big-time with a solid win over his former best friend. After starting the year as WWE Universal champion, Owens turned on Y2J before Fastlane, where he lost the title to Goldberg. But it was all worth it as Owens won a closely-contested match at the biggest show of the year. The result could have been different, as was evident when Jericho hit a Codebreaker – but Owens was able to get a finger on the bottom rope to break the pin attempt. He followed that up with the Pop-Up Powerbomb for the win and the US Title.


Seth Rollins takes down the King-of-Kings



A story two years in the making, came to an end at Wrestlemania when Seth Rollins defeated his former mentor Triple H to finally get his second win at Wrestlemania. Rollins’ appearance was in doubt due to his injured knee. But Rollins played tough and did not give up on the opportunity to put an end to the saga. The finish came when Rollins hit HHH – who was distracted due to Stephanie McMahon falling down through a table ringside – with a Pedigree.

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