5 Wrestlers who should not be in the WWE Hall of Fame

There are several members in the WWE Hall of Fame who don’t quite belong there. They somehow seem to stick out and are not quite made in the same mould as other inducted members. Here are five Hall of Famers who don’t deserve be there.


5. Koko B. Ware

Koko was an athletic wrestler, whose ability in the ring allowed him to be a comedy babyface, and that was it. Koko was never close to gold during his time with the WWE. He was also a small wrestler at a time when WWE was considered to be a land of giants. He used to sing and dance, but he never really passed the push of the Lower Midcard level.



4. Big Boss Man

Known best for his infamous match with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, the Big Boss Man is another inductee to the Hall of Fame who does not quite deserve it. He was hardly ever anything more than a mid-card performer. He did have a lot of good matches and he did win the tag title as well as the Hardcore title. He was the first wrestler to win the hardcore title in a match.

However since winning the Hardcore title was the highlight of his career he did not quite deserve an induction into the coveted WWE Hall of Fame.


3. The Godfather

Charles Wright was inducted into the Hall of Fame as the Godfather. If he had been inducted for his time as Papa Shango, or other runs, then it would have been without dispute. However, as the Godfather he was more about the ladies, as his gimmick was that of a pimp. Sex appeal is what counted in the attitude era so WWE depended on him heavily, but this is an accolade that he does not quite deserve.



2. Maurice Vachon

Maurice ‘Mad Dog’ Vachon is one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. The reason he does not quite fit into the WWE Hall of Fame, however, is that while outside the WWE he had an incredible career, his only affiliation with the WWE was for a small time in 90’s. His run in the WWE did not achieve the same greatness as his run outside did. So since this is the WWE Hall of Fame, he does not belong in there with all the WWE greats.



1. Bill Watts

Bill Watts was best known as a promoter than his time as a wrestler for WWE. Many superstars did find the spotlight while working for him, but contributing to others success does not seem to be a legitimate reason to be inducted into the hall of fame. If there was a different wing for contributors, Bill would fit right in, but till then he seems quite out of place.


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