Is the Wrestlemania Stage an Actual Roller-Coaster?

The Wrestlemania Stage is set to be something completely different this year. The building crew at Orlando has confirmed that WWE is building a Roller Coaster.

With the theme of Wrestlemania being a roller coaster, “The Ultimate Thrill Ride”, this is an actual possibility that there is an actual Roller Coaster. There might even be an actual moving carriage. This may be used by some Wrestlers to enter the Ring. The ramp takes up a huge amount of space, as revealed by areal pictures of the Wrestlemania stage. The pictures reveal that there is a large orb, and that may be constructed further. 

Shane McMahon being involved in the show, there is a huge chance that the coaster may even be used in the match. Shane has a tendency to make the most dangerous moves in matches, and this year may be no different. What happens now remains to be seen. The entire set seems to be a stage for conjecture for now, and the rest of the week remains for WWE to build the largest Wrestlemania stage till date.

The show to be held on April 2nd will feature some amazing matches, such as Goldberg vs Lesnar, Roman taking on the Undertaker, and Kevin Owens taking on Chris Jericho.

This may be the biggest Wrestlemania ever, with a huge match card. How WWE pull it off now remains to be seen.


Image credits: @MachoT_YT

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