Build up to Wrestlemania (SmackDown) feat. Bray Wyatt, John Cena & Dean Ambrose

Bray Wyatt in action

Wrestlemania 33 is right around the corner. The major feuds for the biggest show of the year have been set in stone. After going through the build-ups to Wrestlemania from the red brand, let’s take a look at the smart build-ups for the main card matches from SmackDown. 


Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt

The Apex Predator won the Royal Rumble but swore not to challenge Wyatt at Wrestlemania. But two weeks later, he revealed his true colours and betrayed Wyatt by burning the resting place of Sister Abigail. For the better part of last year, Orton was part of the Wyatt family. That will serve as the foundation of this feud. Orton feigned allegiance to Wyatt for several months and then manipulated him to land the main event spot at the biggest show of the year.

The former family members will go one-on-one with the WWE World Heavyweight championship hanging in the balance. The rise of Wyatt has coincided with Orton's betrayal and it should only help Wyatt establish himself as a constant presence in the main event scene. Wyatt is entering the prime of his career and needs the rub that will come with a victory over a household name like Orton.



John Cena and Nikki Bella vs. The Miz and Maryse

The Miz has been the cornerstone of the mid-card for most of his career. He has held the US title and IC title on several occasions. But his charisma and work ethic has always separated him from the rest. He remains the only legitimate heel on the blue brand. His mic work ever since the brand split has been exemplary and has landed a big-time match against the biggest superstar of the company.

John Cena has been devoting more-and-more time outside WWE, which had caught the ire of the Miz, who has taken offence to Cena’s recent absences. Citing his own constant status of a regular feature on the blue brand, Miz has justified his gripe with Cena.

In the build-up to the match, the rivalry needed another layer, which was added when the ladies got involved. Miz’ wife Maryse has rejuvenated the ‘Awesome’ superstar, while Nikki Bella and Cena are the power couple of the company. Last week, Miz questioned their relationship last week. This friction between the couples needs to be brought to the fore. The two ladies have little to no reason to go at it. The animosity needs to be escalated, which can be achieved through match interferences and scathing promos.



Dean Ambrose vs. Baron Corbin

Dean Ambrose’s Intercontinental championship reign has been relatively uneventful. He beat the Miz in January, but the program went nowhere. Being one of the biggest names on the roster, Ambrose needs a high-profile match at Wrestlemania.

Baron Corbin has been climbing the ranks and now stands in the Lunatic’s way. This will undoubtedly be the biggest match of his young career.

Both men have raised the stakes with physicality in recent weeks. But it is time to use Ambrose’s talent on the microphone. Corbin also needs exposure in that regard and it would make him better equipped to look like a credible challenger.

Corbin and Ambrose have something to prove going into Wrestlemania and they need to pull out all the stops to deliver at the biggest stage.

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