WWE: Watch the best highlights from SmackDown feat Orton, The Miz, AJ Styles

This week's Smackdown LIVE had many surprise storylines and matches line up! Following are the best highlights from the WWE SmackDown episode:


Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt engage in a war of words

The viper Randy Orton took the mic and talked about his plan to break the Wyatt family from within. He said just like a viper, he had to choose the right time to strike, when it would hurt Wyatt the most. By burning the resting place of Sister Abigail, Orton knew he had done more damage than an RKO ever could.

Wyatt retaliated by saying that Sister Abigail is the spawn of Satan and now resides within him. Wyatt continued and said that he was baptized in her ashes and she will help him to obliterate Orton.


Becky Lynch defeats Natalya

Two of the top divas in contention for the Women’s championship match at Wrestlemania went one-on-one. Becky Lynch and Natalya had a back-and-forth battle, with both of them attempting to build momentum ahead of the big event.

Becky hit a German suplex midway through, but Natalya came back with a Michinoku Driver. But Becky had enough left in the tank to lock the Dis-arm her and made Natalya tap out.


Mixed tag match official for Wrestlemania

The Miz hosted a brand new edition of MizTV and talked about him and Maryse being the power couple of the WWE. He showed his diatribe against Cena last week.

This got the attention of Nikki Bella and Cena, who came out to address the Miz. Nikki dared Maryse to fight like a real woman. Daniel Bryan showed up and made the mixed tag match official to


Shane McMahon to take on AJ Styles at Wrestlemania

AJ Styles bemoaned not having a match at Wrestlemania and took out his frustrations on Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan. Styles had to beat Randy Orton in order to challenge Wyatt for the WWE title but lost the match.

Styles was critical of Shane last week and almost came to blows last week. This week, Styles attacked Shane and left him a bloody mess. At the end of the show, Shane came out and confirmed that he will go up against Styles at the Showcase of the Immortals.


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