WWE WrestleMania 33: Five surprise appearances that will leave fans speechless

With Wrestlemania merely two weeks away, let’s take a look at five surprise appearances that can materialise at the showcase of the Immortals –



Ever since his match at Wrestlemania against Triple H, the WCW icon saw his stock drop in the WWE. At Night of Champions 2015, Sting suffered a career-ending neck injury at the hands of Seth Rollins. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of fame thereafter. But wrestling fans around the world were left mourning and feeling robbed of the potential dream match against the Undertaker. Sting has not ruled out a return to the WWE and has abstained from getting the neck surgery that would make his retirement permanent. With Undertaker set to take on Reigns at this year’s Wrestlemania, it may be a possibility to see Sting make an appearance.


Hulk Hogan

After being erased from WWE archives due to an ongoing investigation, Hulk Hogan has slowly been added in promotional content for the  WWE network. Hogan won the lawsuit with Gawker and is moving on from the incident. He was WWE’s first household name and there is never a bad time to bring back the Hulkster; it always brings more eyeballs to the product, which is what the WWE wants the most come Wrestlemania season. It is certainly a possibility to see one of the most popular wrestlers make a return at the biggest pay-per-view of the year.



Kurt Angle

For the past year, the hottest free agent in the business has been none other than Kurt Angle. He has been vocal about his desire to return and have a final run in the company that made him a star. There were rumours that he had a falling out with HHH. But come Wrestlemania, WWE always looks to bolster the star power in their product. Thus, it is fair to speculate about the Olympic Gold Medalist to show up at Wrestlemania to spice things up.


The Rock

The Rock is one of the most influential people in show business. His WWE roots make him an instant hit with the fans everytime he steps through the curtain and walks down to the ring. Most recently, the Rock made a post-RAW appearance in Chicago to promote a movie. Bur he instantly made headlines when he dialled CM Punk’s phone number to let him know his hometown fans were cheering his name. The Rock always has something special to bring to the table. He does not have to strictly stick to the script, which makes his segments more enjoyable. All that coupled with his magnetic personality would make him a no-brainer for Wrestlemania.


Serena Williams

Wrestlemania is a huge opportunity for WWE to boost their cross-over appeal – manifest in previous appearances from Ronda Rousey and Snoop Dogg. Serena Williams is a huge star in the world of tennis and there have been stories making the rounds hinting at a one-time deal for her to appear at the biggest WWE show of the year. Williams herself has expressed interest in this possibility. Her dominant style of play on the court and charismatic personality will make her a perfect fit for a confrontation with some of the top women superstars in the women’s roster of the WWE.

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