WWE: Daniel Bryan open to make his wrestling return

Daniel Bryan has been known to not care at all about what the backstage officials at WWE think about him and that has resulted in “Talking Smack” becoming the hottest WWE talk show. Daniel Bryan has been known to shoot freely, and when paired with someone equally as good as him, this has led to several fiery outbursts, which has not only made the show better but also translated into storylines, making the whole feud more realistic.

One of the persons, with whom Bryan has had this chemistry is none other than the Miz. Miz in an earlier Talking Smack episode, shouted at Bryan, telling him that if he loved wrestling so much, why was he not wrestling anymore. The Miz pointed out that though he had a “safe” wrestling style, it allowed him to be out there every day wrestling in front of the WWE fans.

This led to a blowup, and the Miz as a superstar became extremely impressive in the Smackdown brand.

In the most recent Talking Smack episode, Miz and Bryan had another confrontation, and this resulted in some very interesting discussions. It was one of the best episodes, as Nikki Bella going out with Dolph Ziggler, before getting into a relationship with John Cena became a big topic that was covered, indicating that Nikki had some sort of Gold digger mentality.

The most interesting take away from Talking Smack, however, was one particular comment by Daniel Bryan. When Miz pointed out Bryan can’t wrestle anymore due to multiple concussions.

Bryan replied to this with, “I can’t, or they won’t let me?” He went on to say “… we’ll see in a year and a half and see what happens.”



This is in relation to the fact that WWE doctors have not cleared Bryan to wrestle despite many other doctors agreeing that it was safe to do so. A year and half time period is actually his remaining contract with WWE, after which he plans to go elsewhere in the independent circuit and wrestle.

Wrestling Observer has reported that Bryan was rushed into the retirement speech, and Dave Meltzer has said that Bryan has already developed a wrestling style that will allow him to wrestle with lesser risk while having interesting matches.

It still remains to be seen what will happen, but a Bryan wrestling return might be one of the most exciting things to happen in the Wrestling Industry.

Image source: @barstoolsports/Twitter

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