Roman Reigns-Undertaker, AJ Styles-Shane O’Mac set for Wrestlemania showdown


Roman Reigns set to bury the Undertaker and Wrestlemania

Roman Reigns has become the most disliked superstar of the WWE lately, and the booking that he has received has not helped his cause at all. Permanently being booked as the chosen one of the Company, with his spear being one of the most protected moves of the company, WWE have booked themselves into a corner when it comes to Reigns.


Reigns is set to take on the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, and that will happen without any doubt. On paper it seems like a dream match, as Roman and Undertaker will no doubt put on an amazing match. There is no doubting the fact that Roman has ability, but the fact that he is incapable of selling anything is what, along with the stupid booking, is holding him back. Without any bias, if a Roman match is watched, it is usually quite a spectacle, but this is not the match that the fans wanted, and they will not accept the inevitable result that is coming.


WWE have booked Roman to win everything from Day One and at this stage it is unlikely that they will book him to lose to the ailing Undertaker, who is so obviously well past his prime, that it is painful to watch.

Undertaker handing the torch to Roman might be the perfect booking on paper, but if this happens and Roman does not turn heel, then Wrestlemania will be completely dampened. As it happened when the number thirty entrant at the Royal Rumble was revealed to be Roman, people will turn on the match, and might completely shut down for the rest of the show, spoiling it completely.

If Roman turns heel at Wrestlemania post beating the Undertaker however, that will be the best booking for the match there can be. It will give the fans what they want, while also letting Roman go over, and gain immense heat, as he will become the top heel of the company.

How WWE book it however, remains to be seen.


AJ Styles-Shane O'Mac set for Wrestlemania showdown?

AJ Styles has been without doubt the best wrestler in the WWE roster, ever since his debut at the Royal Rumble. With his feuds against Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, John Cena and Dean Ambrose, he proved his mettle to all the casual fans, who did not know about him from his time in the independent scene. He slowly but surely became by far the best wrestler, and the most popular, but somehow managed to stay in the background in the WWE roster image that the higher up authority figures had in their minds.

Being in the absolute back of the posters, despite being the champion, Styles was spurned again and again. While it was assumed that this was WWE being usual WWE, by ignoring the fan favourite, it may be something else completely.



Shane McMahon and Styles have confronted each other backstage several times over the last few Smackdowns, where AJ aired his grievances against Shane and the booking he received from WWE. This was all part of a storyline, which is leading to a match between Shane and AJ at Wrestlemania.

AJ was slated to face Bray Wyatt after Randy Orton turned down his opportunity, but being defeated in a Number 1 contenders match against Orton means that AJ got into a mouth- watering clash with Shane O'Mac.

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